Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"We don't update our blogs.....We are trainwrecks..."

I've been a terrible blogger. I have this problem that I don't like to blog if nothing interesting has happened so, by the time it does, I'm too busy to blog about it and then I have too much to say when I do finally get around to blogging. It's a terrible habit that I'm going to have to break once my website is up.

I shot my first real content last Monday. It's a g/g with Misty Anderson and we're in a locker room, using a double sided dildo. Those things are a lot of fun, but difficult to maneuver.

I probably would've been better at it if I hadn't been up since 5:30am and at the DMV for five hours before the shoot. The Los Angeles DMV has the ability to really suck the life out of someone and it's hard to recover from that even with a super hot girl all up on you. Either way, it's still going to be a hot scene.

It was really nice to do a g/g scene after so long. I've been doing a lot of b/g/g scenes lately, at least. Still, its not the same. Most girls kind of switch focus to the guy once he enters the picture, which makes sense, but can sometimes cause that awkward threesome effect where someone's kind of left out because not everybody is equally into everyone else. For the most part, though, I really do enjoy the b/g/g dynamic. It's totally rad to ride a dick while making out with a hot girl and playing with her boobies.

So, I did two b/g/g scenes for Porn Pros: The first was with Ella Milano for TeenBFF. I went in thinking I was just doing a b/g but then was pleasantly surprised to find out I got a girl, too. The day started out kind of weird because the location we went to had some people there that weren't involved in the shoot. They eventually left before any nudity happened but we had to wait almost an hour, kind of a mood killer. Once they left, though, everything was fine and we had a lot of fun. I think the sex turned out pretty good and Ella was very hot!

The dressing room. I love my Pano app.

The second one was with Aiden Aspen and um....some guy...for Porn Pros 18yearsold. It was awesome because we got ice cream cones and they were SO fucking good! It was a really hot day out and we all had hot steamy sex in a bedroom.

Then, one day, I was at the mall and stopped by the Godiva store. I bought these amazing pumpkin truffles! They really taste like the best thing that could ever happen to you! You should try them. Buy yourself some at Amazon and send me some, too! ;)

Some other notable events include:
-I finally found the original Phoenix Wright game for DS for a reasonable price...just the cartridge, no case. And also picked up Metroid: Other M and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. (I've only played Phoenix Wright so far)
-I watched all of the Resident Evil movies in one day, including the one in theaters. It was a lot of fun!
-I reached my Facebook friend limit. 5000. Please go to my new fan page and like it or save it or friend request it or whatever it's called.

I shot my first deep throat scene for DeepThroatLove. It was very interesting...it was uncomfortable, obviously, but it was fun to see how much I could fit in and how deep I could go. So, no matter how much my eyes watered or my nose sniffled, I still kept trying and I had a great time doing it. I don't know how many more of those I would do but it's always fun to try new things. I hope it looks good.

Speaking of new things, I did my first foot fetish b/g for FMConcepts. Footjobs are kind of hard to do, actually. I got to work with Danny Mountain for the first time. He was so incredibly nice! And British. I had no idea he was British and it was a wonderful surprise! After we shot stills, the photographer took some behind the scenes shots with my iPhone:

That night I got the phone call that I was to be October Danni Girl of the Month. I totally didn't believe him at first but he assured me that yes, they had chosen me! Then he told me I couldn't tell anyone for a whole week! It was terrible not to be able to tell anyone, especially since a lot of people were under the impression that I hadn't won...I couldn't correct them! Haha! I'm so excited to have gotten this, it's such an honor. I finally get to shoot solo stills for them and their photos always turn out so damn good! I can't wait! I'll be doing a live chat for Danni members on the 7th with another girl. It should be a lot of fun! Hopefully they'll book Gracie Glam or Andy San Dimas for me to play with for the chat. Keeping my fingers crossed. Join Danni at least for the month of October so you can see all my good stuff and chat with me!

I shot a 3D scene for Penthouse with the Danni crew. I love working for those guys, they really are one of the best crews...efficient, professional, fun, and so nice. I did the scene with Pike Nelson in an RV that had the windshield and other random parts removed. It was hot and sweaty but I think it'll turn out so awesome! It's kind of POV, too. I look at the camera a lot. While I was there, they dressed me up as a pirate and took some green screen shots. They said it was for a video game promo but that's all they knew about it so, I have no idea on what scale the game is. I don't really care, dressing up as a pirate was fun!

3D camera....ooooooohhhh!

Love my Pano app...

I did a shoot for a website called CumshotSurprise. I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to do it and the pay seemed well worth it. But oh my god, I did not expect to have cumshots on my face multiple times while fucking. It totally made me feel really gross and cold and unattractive. :( It's a shame too, because I was fucking Chad Alva and it would've been nice to actually enjoy it since I think he's cute. Having said all that, I think the scene might turn out pretty damn good, or least really funny.

The day after made up for all that grossness before. I was able to tell everyone that I'm October Danni Girl of the Month and that day, Gerry and Pierre filmed my Up Close and Personal bit. We shot at the Standard Hotel, down the street from my place, because the day they needed to film it was the day that I was getting a new oven and tile so, my kitchen was a mess and I had a few workers over. :( But I still think it turned out ok. We had a lot of fun shooting and went pretty late. We were gonna go to Little Tokyo and Wurstkuche, a couple of my favorite places, but didn't have the time. Well, we did go to Wurstkuche but it was way too crowded and dark to shoot anything. :(

This water was not better. It tasted like carboard.

I do love this city.

After over a year of waiting, I got a last minute booking with Girlfriends Films. They are one of the best companies to shoot for because they give you the most sexual freedom. It's so much more fun to have sex when you don't have to worry about being in choreographed positions. So, anyway, I was very excited to shoot for these guys and I hope they don't forget about me again. Every time I've worked for GFF, they pair me with a MILF. This time I got a red head named Janet Mason. She had a great, tiny body and was a total sweetheart. There was one girl on set that had only shot four scenes and one that was shooting her first scene that day. It was adorable to hear their questions and I hope I gave them good advice. Janet and I let the girl that hadn't shot a scene yet watch us do ours in hopes of calming her nerves but I don't think it helped. It was a really fun evening and I can't wait to see the DVD!

I love being busy but, I miss you guys. It took me like three days to write this blog and most of it was done on my phone on sets and in traffic. My curse is that if it's not detailed and perfectly comprehensive, I don't want to publish it. I sincerely appreciate that anyone reads my ramblings and I can't put into words how much all your support and fandom means to me. Like seriously, you guys always make me happy and without you, I wouldn't be able to do what I so very much enjoy doing. So, yeah, thanks...and stuff. I <3 you.

Check out my calendar, I've got a crazy busy week coming up that I'm very excited about. <3

Don't forget to sign up for Danni so you can chat live with me on the 7th!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Danni Girl of the Month

I'm so excited to finally be able to tell everyone that I won October Danni Girl of the Month!

Thank you everyone for all your support, I love you guys!

I'm shooting right now for the Up Close & Personal bit and I've got Pierre Brown over my should watching me type.

Gerry is demanding that I get naked and nasty, gotta go, bye!