Hey there! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. That was really nice of you. :)

My name is April O'Neil, which I'm sure you've gathered by now. I am a nude model and adult film actress. Well, that's my job, at least. I'm also a regular, totally awesome, totally geeky girl. I'm definitely not your typical "pornstar". My boobs are real. (Not that I have anything against fakes, boobs are boobs! I just thank my lucky stars every day that I have big, real ones.)

I'm originally from Phoenix, Arizona. I'm an avid, loyal Phoenix Suns fan and have been since I was a little girl. Fuck, I love that team!

But, I moved to Los Angeles, California about two years ago, just to try something new. I had a receptionist job for the first 6 months I lived here but absolutely hated it. The 9-5 hours, no days off, rush hour traffic...I hated it. So, I quit. I'm just not that kind of person.

Shortly after that, I went to a party and met the beautiful, the talented Miss Kylee Reese. We chatted, mostly about her career and how I should do it, too. Let me warn you, this girl is persuasive. I've seen her do it more than once, she's good!

Now, to be fair, I had thought of entering this industry way long ago but for some ignorant reason, I thought that to perform in such a field meant that you must be willing to do anything and everything that can be performed. Kylee was quick to correct me. My response then, was just this: "You mean, I can get paid to have sex with hot girls & I don't have to be willing to have two cocks in my ass & one in my mouth? Ok, I'm in!" A few days later, I signed with her agent.

When I'm not slutting about for money, I'm usually hanging out at home watching TV, playing video games, smokin' a J, cooking or watching anime. Check out my profile to see a list of my favorite stuff!

And now for the random shit:
I am obsessed with Doctor Who.

I swear a lot. I love it. It's scientifically proven to be good for you.

I have two, 2 year old, Shiba Inus named Nash and Dagny. They're the best dogs in the whole world.

My mother's parents are both from Mexico. My father's father was German and his mother was Nicauraguan and Russian Jewish. I'm quite the mix.

I'm 5'1", 90lbs, and 32D-23-32. I often shop in the kid's section.

My birthday is April 7th, 1987. I love presents!

I have 2 tattoos. The kanji symbol for "beauty" on my left shoulder blade and a bushel of cherry blossoms on my right abdomen. I'd like to get just one more, on my wrist.

Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are important to me. Even if I don't do it perfectly myself. Things like not knowing how to properly write "you", "your", or "you're", drive me insane. I'll probably correct you. I also like things to be in alphabetical order. I sound like a loon.

I hope you like me and my work. I have SO much fun doing what I do and I know that I wouldn't be able to without my amazing fans. Whom I love. Very fuckin much. Like, probably even more than they love me...

And yes, my name is very Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspired!

I have this thing called Formspring. Basically, anyone can anonymously (or not) ask me questions about myself and then I answer them. Fun, huh? I've answered like 150, so far. Go on, give it a try...