Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm addicted to pretzel M&Ms.....

Oh my, it has been awhile and this is going to be a long one…..again. I’ll be honest, I thought I’d be working more once I started doing boys but I did not expect to work THIS much! Don’t get me wrong, it’s freakin’ sweet but I kind of miss Twitter replying and Doctor Who marathons. No real complaints, of course, because I love my job!

So, let’s see, what have I been up to?

A friend of mine who lived in my building moved and left his turtle behind. I decided he wasn’t worthy of turtle ownership anymore and kept him. I named him Bender Bending Rodriguez the 3rd.

I did a scene in a laundromat. Really makes you wonder what other places I’ve been to that people have fucked on. Eventually, anywhere you go will have had someone fuck or die there at some point in time. Nice, right?

The scene was great! I got to work with Mikey Butders which was fun because I met him while doing the Saved by the Bell parody. He was amazing and quite creative. I can’t wait to watch this one. It’s for Hustler’s BeaverHunt but I don’t know when it’ll be up.

They were shooting another scene in a bar right next door, so Mikey and I played a quick game of pool while the other girl got naked for pretty girls on the other table. My job is fun.

A couple of days later I shot two scenes for New Sensations. One was with Bree Daniels and the other was with Anthony Rosano. That was a very long but entertaining day.

I love working with Bree. She is such a sweetheart and just plain fun. They had to cut often because we couldn’t stop laughing.

In the beginning, I push her up against a fridge…I want to see how that turned out…

Anthony was after Bree. It was great! I’ve met Anthony a few times before and he’s always been a little smitten with me. So, honestly, his intense attraction to me was quite a turn on. Unfortunately, we had to rush a bit because we only had the location til a certain time. I’ve never packed up and left a place so quickly in my life.

The next day was a solo for Elegant Angel. I got there too early, bitched to my agent, then took silly pictures in the mirror til the makeup artist arrived.

We went to this awesome house with this awesome view…

I got naked on that ledge. Then, moved inside to the stairs where I squirm and cum a lot. It’ll be called All By Myself 4.

Sometimes, I take pictures of myself in hopes that they turn out good and I can share them with my Twitter buds. Most of those pictures turn out bad, like I look way too high. But, sometimes, I’ll see the picture again and notice something that makes the picture awesome, like mirror Alien perfectly grabbing my tit.

On Saturday, I went to Phoenix to shoot for FTV. I guess they’re starting to shoot some hardcore now so I did a boy/girl. It was fun, especially to be back there after like a year.

I got lucky with the booking because Sunday was my friend’s birthday, and Monday was my dad’s birthday. So, I stayed a few days.

I found these at a thrift store in Tempe. The one on the left is from 1996 and the rest are 2003. That's so much Seanbaby I've never read!

It was SO fucking hot! I couldn’t take it anymore and drove around without a shirt on. I used to love the heat but I guess I’ve gotten used to LA and I can’t imagine living there again.

I do like to eat a lot when I visit home. I always hit up YC’s, every time.

If I’m in town for a couple days, I’ll hit up this one particular Long John Silver’s that I’ve gone to so often since I was a little girl for the best cheesesticks I have ever had in my whole life. This time, they didn’t have them. They discontinued them. I know they’re just cheesesticks but it felt like a childhood friend had died. It’s awful. I still can’t believe I’ll never have those again. So, because I was sad and really hungry, I indulged in another childhood favorite, Peter Piper Pizza. I even played games while waiting for my pizza.

Don’t worry, I didn’t eat it all myself. I had like 2 slices.

My brakes were squeaking so I got them checked. I needed new front brake pads but, hey, also, fucking all new tires! Great, I’d love to! Omfg expensive! They were quite adamant about if I didn’t at least get the front 2 replaced, I certainly wouldn’t make it back to California. So, on Monday, I got new tires. While I was waiting, I got the longest mani pedi ever. It took her like 2 hours. But my nails look awesome. They’re a Tardis blue color. Nash approves.

I got back into LA late Monday night, then woke up early on Tuesday to shoot a boy/girl for The Erotic Network. When I checked the mail in the morning, my sonic screwdriver had arrived! I couldn’t wait and opened it in the car on the way to set.

Unfortunately, I needed an ACTUAL screwdriver to put the batteries in so it’d light up and make sounds. Lucky me, no one on set had a screwdriver. Every tiny second of spare time I had while shooting I was looking for an object to use as a screwdriver. I finally found some scissors that worked but it took forever! I got it done immediately after we finished shooting and it was glorious. No one around me had any idea how awesome it was. Would it be inappropriate (or even legal on video) to use my sonic screwdriver as a sex toy?

Here are a couple pics from set taken by the director, Melvin Smackpepper, with the Hipstamatic app on his iPhone:

I had a day off on Wednesday and had a ton of errands to do. I went to the bank, picked up a check, paid my agent, got tested at AIM…then I went to check out an apartment with some friends, then to get food at Umami Burger in Hollywood. I’ve been to Umami plenty of times and have always parked in the Jack in the Box parking lot. Unfortunately, this time, they decided to tow my car. Total bummer. I had to call a cab to take me to the towing lot. While waiting for the cab, I went to Amoeba and bought some awesome shit…

Towing cost $255 + $25 for the cab ride. In my defense, someone else was driving and decided to park there…but I let them.

This might be lame but, I still want to share. I was driving to my shoot on Thursday and passed this billboard….

It IS supposed to say “WINE” country, right?

My shoot was awesome! It was for MassageCreep so, I got a sweet massage. It was the best massage ever. Like a sex massage. I was in such a daze the whole time I was so relaxed. I want to shoot for that site every day.

My male talent was Johnny Castle and he rolled up on this beauty:

I took a couple pictures after the scene…

So, before we shot the scene, the director and I were having a chat. He mentioned that a particular part of that site’s style was a facial and that he had told my agent that specifically. Well, my agent didn’t mention it to me. So, there was this whole big mess of needing that shot or the scene wasn’t going to go down. Between this director, previous directors, and the reactions of fans and my agent it suddenly became very clear to me that this whole facial business was a much bigger deal than I had previously thought. It seems like this: not doing facials in boy/girl is like refusing to use a toy in girl/girl. Yeah, you’ll get a few companies that’ll hire you but, ultimately, you’re not going to get much work AT ALL. Honestly, a cum shot to the face isn’t as bad as not working at all. So, bottom line…bring on the facials! .....but please don’t aim for my eye.

Friday I watched Star Trek: Next Generation all day then passed out early.

Today I was supposed to go to LA Pride with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, she had a really rough night last night and just wanted to be alone for the day. I was pretty bummed but I understand. Really, I totally understand and don’t blame her at all but, objectively, it just sucks to be reminded that no matter what, you can’t really count on anyone. Anyway, all’s good, it’s been real nice just hanging out at home and “vegging”. It’s my favorite thing to do. ABC Family is playing the Back to the Future trilogy back to back and it’s impossible for me to not watch these movies if presented. Back to the Future is the best movie ever.

That’s how Michael J got the Parkinsons….too much time travel. It’s ok, he can outfox anything.

I watched Doctor Who. Fuckin sweet! I wish I had the ability to headbutt someone and they’d instantly be a Doctor Who fan. Or maybe a tit grab instead of a headbutt…looked like it hurt. Next week is going to be brilliant! The Pandorica opens! What the fuck is the Pandorica? Omfg.

Tomorrow I get to drive to Irvine to shoot a boy/girl scene with a Japanese guy. AWESOME! I’m always up for fucking Asians, especially the Japanese! I have Japanese word questions for them.