Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm too stoned to think up a clever title...

Twitter has a way of blowing things way out of proportion. So, this morning when I woke up and checked my Twitter, I was inundated with "Happy 420!" & "It's 4/20!" tweets (not to mention a few texts). I've never "celebrated" this "holiday" before and I thought, "Ok, why not? I've only been smoking for 3, maybe 4, years and was always busy with something on the blessed day…so, here’s my chance.”

To “celebrate” 420, I just assume that one smokes pot all day and behaves in the manner of a typical stoner. .............Wait…. aren’t stoners really the only ones that recognize 420? Why do they need a specific day to get high? They do it all the fucking time! So, that’s what I did: everything I would normally do on a real lazy day off…something I do all the fucking time! (I love my job!)

Before I was going to fully commit to this, I had to know where “420” came from. I never really cared before today; I just went with the “Hitler’s birthday” story. I should’ve known better because I did always think it stupid that everyone would decide to make Hitler’s birthday the official, non-official weed smoking day. “We’re gonna smoke a bunch of weed; that’ll show the Nazis!” Like, WTF?

Turns out, it has nothing to do with Hitler:
The term was coined from a group of teenagers called the Waldos at San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California in 1971. The teens, all having after school sports practice, met afterwards at 4:20 p.m. to begin a search for a crop of abandoned cannabis growing near Point Reyes that they had heard about. They never found the stash, but smoked plenty of marijuana while looking for it. Thus, they would use the term 420 to reference smoking around their teachers and parents. Then, there’s something about one of the kids’ dad was the tour manager for the Dead (what was apparently left of the Grateful Dead) and the kid would hang around, use the newly coined phrase and it just magically caught on. Stoners are dumb like that. ;) Anyway, thanks Wikipedia; you’re a gem!

So, after finding out that tidbit of history was really boring, I downloaded Russell Brand’s latest live DVD to brighten things up. (Fuck off; it’s not available in the US. I’ll owe him a twenty when I shag him after a show.) It was brilliant! Apparently, he did a BBC Radio show in which he left a very witty yet, offensive musical voicemail to a famous (?) actor and it caused a huge scandal over there. For the record, had he done that in the US, he would’ve been fine. He showed some news footage of paparazzi in front of his house and it is hilarious! Also, while he was standing between the rows on the floor, some girl just stood up, flashed him, and sat right back down…the look on Russell Brand’s face was of such shock, it was so funny! But one thing I don’t get is when comedians only have like 2 or 3 CDs or DVDs available but yet the same one or two jokes is on every single one. Don’t they listen to their own shit and think maybe they should just do a new joke there instead? I’ve seen 3 shows of Russell Brand’s and he uses the same joke in all three. You’d think, at the very least, the second time he’d have known to maybe mix it up a bit more for the third go around. I gotta say, though…that man has the vocabulary of Word of the Day toilet paper. I swear he owns it and just has a very good memory when he shits. It’s VERY sexy, though. And makes perfect sense… the more words one knows, the more jokes possible. The British accent helps, too. That’s my biggest weakness: skinny British boys with a rapier wit…..it’s the Doctor Who fan in me.

Then I went to the bank and Blimpie. EXCITING!

Whilst eating my delicious Blimpie sub, I watched this thing on BBC America called Doctor Who: The Official Guide. It was pretty bullshit standard stuff: this is Rose Tyler, the Doctor has a Tardis, Daleks are bad, blah blah, etc. etc. BUT THEN they showed THIS! I must’ve giggled like a little girl for at least 5 minutes. I KNEW Matt Smith would be brilliant. I love this guy. I can’t wait to see this episode! The weeping angels AND River Song in the same episode! I love River Song’s backstory; it’s so mysterious and can fit in absolutely anywhere in the Doctor’s timeline. I have a tiny hope that maybe she’s actually Amy Pond all grown up…

I got the first season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl because, of course I want to see Rose Tyler’s boobs! Now I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll reiterate: sometimes I like to pretend that actors in different TV shows are really just one character in a different setting.(Not as bad as THIS guy, though!) Like this show, for example, could be just something went horribly wrong in the parallel universe that Rose Tyler got left in and the other Doctor is long gone so now she’s a prostitute to get by. After a few episodes, if the show’s good, you get into it and forget that it’s the old character and get used to the new. But then sometimes, you get thrown a curveball (kind of like Christopher Eccleston playing a character on Heroes) and you immediately go back to that original character and it’s fun and funny at the same time. That’s what happened to me about 6 episodes in and I freaked out!

In case you can’t tell, that’s MATT SMITH in bed with ROSE TYLER! The best part is, he’s the ONE guy in the whole series she fucks for free. Hilarious!

Keep in mind, I’m smoking a lot of weed today…..though, probably not too much more than normal. I’m already naturally quite silly but the pot certainly doesn’t help.

I started Bayonetta, finally. It’s pretty awesome. Lots of button pushing. Haha! I didn’t get very far before the Suns game started so, we’ll see how the story part of it is.

Suns game was AWESOME! That’s how our first game should’ve gone but it’s no big deal, it’s just one game. I really hope we sweep the rest of the series. That’d be a nice “fuck you”. I still have no idea who I want to win the Mavericks/Spurs series. I think I’m just going to be neutral about it and let whatever happens, happen. Hopefully, that happening ends with us in the finals.

I’m going to watch LOST (OMG!) then play Bayonetta for the rest of the night. Overall, a good 420, but more like an average day off. I’m very lucky and I don’t forget it.

Now, here’s some eye candy for you:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm going to be on a shower curtain...

I did a shoot today to have my image printed on a shower curtain. I mostly did it so that I could have one for myself. I think it'd be funny to have my shower curtain be me, taking a shower, HA! Except for when my parents visit, of course.

If you want one, they're available here: Shower-X But whoa, not yet...just did the shoot today. :)

It was a wonderful shoot! I had a lot of fun. The photographer mentioned Doctor Who, the lady PA put suds all over me and they had an art director there that had studied anatomy, physiology, and art history. So, he was just there to tell me how to pose. I gotta say, I learned a lot! Instead of just shouting "stick your ass out" this guy explained HOW to stick your ass out and WHY, historically in art, this looks good. It was like an art history yoga class....this guy should run classes....hmmm

Then I went to the grocery store. I came home, made a salad and watched the Celtics/Heat game. KG ELBOWED RICHARSON IN THE FACE! He got ejected, like he should, but those other Heat players better get suspensions for leaving the bench. I want some justice.

Doctor Who, episode 3 is done downloading.......

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It snowed today...well, it hailed.

My day started off pretty good. I was running on schedule, hit absolutely no traffic, even had time to stop at Starbucks. Too bad my 8:30 call time was actually at 9:30...AGAIN. Hmm...interesting.

We were shooting at a house in Tujunga; actually, the director/photographer's house. So, this guy's wife and three year old daughter are just going about their routine morning. They leave at about the same time the makeup artist is done setting up. I liked her, she was nice. She had a huge ass and I found it very attractive. She showed me her boob. :)

I'm not sure why, but everything just seemed to take longer than it should have. And then this...

It hailed for about an hour. Our intro scene needed to be shot outside. So, we just hung out. And I didn't have any cell phone service, which turned out, caused me to miss out on a booking with Justine Joli because I wasn't able to call back in time.

It finally stopped and we filmed our intro in the freezing cold in tank tops, shorts & sandals. Cuz that's sexy.

Shortly before we were to film the sex scene, the wife & daughter came back home because they thought we'd be done by then. Nope.

So, not only am I totally weirded out that there's this little kid there even at all but now it seems that maybe...well, are they gonna go back out again when we start filming? I'm all for nudity & porn & free rights or whatever but NOT when it comes to kids! But some people don't care, and you never fuckin know who they are. This guy was German; Europeans can be a little more easygoing than most. - I call my agent, they call him, he assures me they're gonna leave and that they "would never do that".... Well, now I feel bad for thinking maybe this guy is a bad father. It's just that I didn't know, you never know how people are going to act.

Anyway, we finally got to the sex at about 5:30 and it was AWESOME! I can't wait to see it! It was great! She's very cute and sweet and has great boobs! See:

Her name is Bree Daniels and you'll be seeing a lot more of her soon. ;)

I can't wait to have tomorrow off. Random errands, gym, dog park, and I'm going to make rice crispy treats. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fuck you, blog...

...I'm writing about Adult Con later. I am so exhausted from this weekend. I think after it's over, it hits you all at once. And I have an 8:30am call time tomorrow for Hustler. But, here are some pictures that I'll explain later...

If you have any pictures of me from Adult Con, pretty please email them to me: heyitsapril@gmail.com I'll include them in my next blog! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Adult Con 2010

I've decided that I'm going to give a full review of Adult Con tomorrow night, after it's over. I'm just so tired from today and I only got 1 picture. I'll try to make an effort to take more tomorrow but it's so busy there, I barely have any time to even grab my camera. TONS of pictures were taken of me & Taylor, though! So, I'm not too worried about not seeing pictures...just have to wait for people to send me theirs or post them online. :) If you have any, PRETTY PLEASE email them to me at heyitsapril@gmail.com Thanks!

I met some totally awesome people today! Like seriously...awesome!!! I'll tell you about it tommorrow.

Time to watch Doctor Who now and pass the fuck out! <3

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birthday Fun Times

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! I went to Venice Beach! I'd been to the beach itself only once before when I did a shoot for SoCalGirls, but I went to the boardwalk this time. That was a total freakshow. It was like the Jersey Shore (the boardwalk, not that god awful show) but if it were in Mexico. The only cool part about it was seeing the basketball courts. Venice Beach was my favorite court in NBA Street Homecourt so, it was fun to see it in real life and how accurate they got it. The beach part was the real highlight of the trip down there. The weather was absolutely perfect! So sunny and warm with that breeze every now and then that keeps you from getting just TOO hot. It felt great to just lay out in the sun, listen to the waves, and think.

When I was in NYC last year I bought this huge basketball beach towel at the NBA store and I finally got to use it. It was awesome.

After the beach, I went home and watched the Suns game. Such an amazing win. I love Dragic. He's our preparation for when Steve is done playing. So for now he's just marinating in Nash-ness til we need him. I can't wait to see how he does in the playoffs. I can't wait for the playoffs!

After the game, I went to Wurstkuche for an apple beer and a delicious, hot sausage. Mmmm. I love that place. Then, I went home and watched South Park. South Park knows how much I hate Facebook. I appreciate that. :)

This weekend is Adult Con. I'm pretty excited! I'll be there all three days helping out at the Bad Girls in 3D booth with Taylor Daye. I'm pretty sure there will be a new 3D TV, or several, to watch totally awesome 3D porn on. I watched a short vid with Breanne Benson stripping...oh my god, it looks like she's really there! So, if anyone reading this is going to Adult Con, please come by the booth and say hi!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Clash of Titans and Tectonic Plates

Today is Easter. Easter stopped being fun when I moved out of my parents' house because, really, the only good part about Easter was the basket waiting for you in the morning. Egg hunts were fun, too. My little brother was the worst at it and I used to get so upset with him. He would just walk around, no haste in his egg finding, and would end up with the least amount of eggs. Somehow, though, every year, he would find the eggs with the most money in them. I wasn't a stupid little kid; if given the choice between jellybeans or 5 bucks, I want the money. Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge that it's Easter and I didn't do anything to honor it. :)

I went to go see the Clash of the Titans in 3D. I went to the theater not far from where I live and I had only seen one movie there before and it wasn't in 3D. Every 3D movie I've seen has been at an ArcLight theater. Well, the 3D glasses at this theater SUCKED. They were dirty and had this weird, reflective glare. Eventually I was able to just ignore it but it was annoying. Really, I didn't even need the glasses as most of that movie isn't in 3D. It's mostly all 2D except for maybe the way a rope hangs in front is in 3D. There were some scenes in 3D and I do have to say that what little 3D there was, really helped the movie. I have never seen the original Clash of the Titans so, I knew nothing about this movie going in, except that at some point, someone will shout "Release the Kraken!". (Which ended up having a weak delivery, I thought.) My overall opinion of the movie is very neutral. It was entertaining, but it didn't blow me away like Avatar did. And Avatar was pretty retarded. There were two major good points about Clash of the Titans, in my opinion...one is that the random "ageless" chick in the movie is SO BEAUTIFUL! Her face is like, perfect! *swoon* The other point being that Hades was played by Ralph Fiennes, who I'm used to watching on FlashForward. I had a wonderful time with this one. You see, I have this tendency to sometimes let my imagination wander when watching TV or movies and if there's an actor who I'm used to seeing as a particular character playing a new character, I think it's funny to think that the two are related somehow. For example, at several points during Clash of the Titans I would think "Hey, Agent Benford, too bad you didn't see THIS coming in your flash forward!" Haha! .....Don't judge me, let me have my fun. :)

After the movie, I walked home, then got online. Well, apparently, there had been an earthquake right about when the Kraken was goin' down. I probably felt it, but thought it was just the sound. It is Dolby, afterall. So, there was a 6.9 in Baja California. I have lived in Los Angeles for 2 years and, as far as I know, there have been 4 earthquakes in that time. I haven't felt a single one. This kind of bums me out. I know earthquakes are scary and dangerous but, come on, how could one not want to feel what it's like to have the earth shake beneath your feet?

The Eleventh Hour

The Season 5 five premiere of Doctor Who aired in the UK last night. It doesn't air in the states til the 17th. Like a good little girl, I was going to wait to watch it then. But on Saturday night, like a gift sent to me from the heavens, I got this message:

"I'm in Canada. It aired in the UK last night & I have 720p copies of the episode & Dr Who cnfidential. I'll email you the links in a minute"

........AWESOME!!! This is the nicest Canadian man, ever. (Way more than this guy.) And I have no problems downloading it because I have every intention of watching it when it airs & buying the DVDs, as well.

So, I download it... and I watch it.

Oh, it was so, so perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Stephen Moffat is a great writer! I can't wait to see the Angels again. Matt Smith is a delightful Doctor so far and doing a perfect job of holding on to David Tennant characteristics whilst transitioning into his own. I have to say, though, that I knew he would be good. He's just the right type of guy to play a role like that. He also has the David Tennant stamp of approval, which is important. I also loved the fairytale like set up of the new companion. It's sweet. Especially since I'm still very much hoping that she's actually Professor River Song.

I disliked only one thing about it all... the Tardis exterior. It looks shabbily made. The wood looks like plastic, made to look like wood. It just kind of looks like Ikea Tardis. The interior is bad ass, though. I really hope we get to see the swimming pool and the library inside the Tardis at some point.

Just to note: They changed the intro song and logo. I don't really mind it, makes sense with all the other changes they've made. I just...I liked the old one better. And now my cell phone ringtone is outdated. :(

Lastly, AMELIA POND IS EXTREMELY HOT!!! Sorry Rose Tyler, you just lost your title as Most Attractive Companion, but the Doctor's got to move on.

Now here's the best part...and I haven't mentioned it yet because I didn't want to jinx it...that Tardis money bank I got for my birthday from one of my totally awesome fans, goes off on it's own. I don't know if it's supposed to or not. I don't think it is. I think it's fucking awesome. Anyway, it kept going off while I was watching the show but at the most unbelievably appropriate times. I think David Tennant is trying to get through....

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The club scene...

...isn't really for me. I don't really like it. It takes hours to get all prettied up. Then you get there, and pay upwards of $20 JUST TO WALK INSIDE! Not to mention whatever it costs to pay the valet/parking. Of course, you could always take a cab. Probably should, since we'll most likely be drinking. But hey, depending on how far home is from the club, that's at least $50 in cab fare! And I haven't even started drinking yet! It's a good thing I'm a lightweight; two hard drinks and I'm quite drunk. But that's still $30 with tip. Then, when it's time to go home everyone's lives are at risk because the average person thinks they drive better when they're drunk. And I just want to get home and pass out because my feet are killing me from the high heels I wore and I'm freezing because, no matter what the weather, we're expected to show as much skin as possible at clubs. I'm sorry but that is just not my idea of a good time. That's over $100. I could buy two video games with that or two eighths or clothes or shoes or Disneyland....I think I've made my point.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love to go out and have a good time but I'm more of a bar/restaurant/house party kind of girl. So, tonight, instead of going to the Miss Free Ones party at Aqua Lounge (like I should), I'm going to watch the season 5 premiere of Doctor Who, then go see Clash of the Titans in 3D...which I heard sucks but I already bought the tickets.

Friday, April 2, 2010

This is what happens when I stay up all night...

I make a list of porn girls I want to fuck...

AJ Bailey - She's smart, pretty, and hit on me when I met her.

Andy San Dimas - I wanna fuck this girl SO bad! I met her on my very first photoshoot, have seen her around here and there, even got to make out with her once...but alas, I have yet to go all the way.

Alexis Ford - She was at the studio when I did my DangerLive.com webcam show. She was so fun & flirty. She got me off so good with her magic wand, I just want to return the favor.

Asa Akira - Hottest asian girl ever. And she likes LOST.

Ashlyn Rae - Ashlyn is the sweetest girl I have ever met. Ever. She's gorgeous, nice, funny, a great kisser...she's perfect. She's really perfect.
EDIT: Did it! For Adam & Eve!

Bobbi Starr - I just admire the crap outta her.

Breanne Benson - She was my roommate in Vegas for AEE. She is so fucking skinny with great natural boobs. Very chill girl, too.

Capri Anderson - She just seems like she'd be a damn good fuck.
EDIT: I got some softcore action for a cable company!

Faye Reagan - Same thing with Faye, I worked with her once in a threesome & I barely got any contact with her.

Georgia Jones - I just need to do this one again. The roles we were playing were so opposite our natural selves, it was weird.

Gracie Glam - We've hung out a few times & she's one of the coolest girls in the industry. She's hot & her smile makes me melt a little.

Harmony Hex - She's hot, British, & loves Doctor Who...perfect! Sign me up!

India Summer - I'm betting she's VERY good at making a girl cum. Not to mention she's absolutely gorgeous.

Jayme Langford - She's like a Jana Jordan twin and I want.

Jenna Haze - I really don't think this one needs any explanation. I just hope I get to smoke her out afterward.

Juelz Ventura - Met her in Andy's room in Vegas...she's fuckin hot!

Julia Ann - I had heard this name so often but never knew the face to the name. Then, I was flipping through AVN & saw her picture, realizing that she had done my makeup the day before. The same makeup artist who's shirt I was looking down most of the time & thought was so hot! I wanna fuck her because I can.

Justine Joli - Omfg, this girl is mindblowingly hot. Omfg.

Khristy Creams - She's just bad ass. So bad ass. And hot. And foreign. Mmm.

Lexi Belle - Her voice...omg her voice is the cutest fucking thing ever. Usually, I don't like dirty talk, but when she does it, it's the best thing in the world.

McKenzee Miles - One of the coolest chicks I've met in the industry so far. Very down to earth, which is rare around here. Plus she's hot. And fun. I just wanna do it again with her.

Melissa Jacobs - Absolutely hilarious girl and she looks like Winnie from the Wonder Years, who I've always had a crush on. I could play out my fantasy.

Reena Sky - Nerdy, hot girl. Those are rare, too. Gotta get on that.

Robbye Bentley - She was the director/camera lady for my BangBros.com shoot. At the time, we tried to get her to join in but she wouldn't do it. Now she's in LA & performing and I want her! Did I mention she is entirely full of nonstop fun? :)
EDIT: I got to munch on her for CumshotSurprise.com

Sammie Rhodes - Yet another girl that I've only worked with in threesomes and would love to have all to myself.

Sasha Grey - She's Sasha Grey, what human doesn't want to fuck her?

Shyla Jennigs - She's SOO cute. I had fun with her the first time around and it's been awhile.

Taylor Vixen - BOOBS!

Tori Black - She's beautiful and an amazing performer.

Veronica Ricci - Just gorgeous!

Zoe Britton - She's truly into girls which is a super plus. We did a foot fetish scene together once. She was so sexy sucking on my toes & all I could think about was what she could do with her mouth elsewhere.

Of course, I'd like to pretty much fuck every hot girl, but these are just the ones I definitely know I want. :)