Saturday, October 23, 2010

"This is what you get."

I have finally found some edibles that are powerful enough to work on me. They are awesome and I have been having a lot of fun with them these past two weeks. They're totally awesome for planes, long days on set, and shows...which is all I've done recently.

So, there was that whole HIV issue. That was terrible. My heart goes out to those that are immediately involved. I am fine and retested to just be better safe than sorry. Everyone should get tested regularly.

It seems as though everything is under control but most shoots have been postponed for the next couple weeks.

So, I went to Vegas. I was getting stir crazy and I had a free flight. Unfortunately, I woke up with food poisoning the day of my flight. I rested all day and managed to make the last flight out. I slept the whole way there and was really feeling much better by the time we landed. But then some guy ran by me in the aisle and knocked my water all over me. It was freezing and super visible and it happened RIGHT before I got off the plane. I was not very amused.

So, I grab my bag and head to the hotel, stumble into my room, and straight into a warm bath. After that, I passed out in a super comfy bed. I rock Vegas SO hard.

The next day was much more enjoyable. I slept in late. Took my sweet time getting ready. Hung around in the room watching TV. Every time I'm in Vegas, there is an NCIS marathon on. EVERY TIME! So, of course, I watched that. Eventually, I went out of the room and walked around the MGM a bit. It's alright. I lost six dollars on a slot machine and that was all I was willing to gamble away. I had dinner at this amazing Italian restaurant. It was, by far, one the best meals I've ever had in my life and most certainly the best service I ever received. Lee was amazing and so was the sommelier. I tried carpaccio for the first time. It was delicious, omg! Who would've ever thought that raw meat, leaves, and cheese would taste like fuckin candy! CANDY! I got the meatball spaghetti and it was pretty damn good but anything is really good when there's white truffles on it. I fucking love those white truffles. I had donuts for dessert. They were good but too dense for my tastes. So by the end of that delicious meal, I was pretty drunk because I had 4 different alcoholic drinks in front of me.

After dinner, I went and had a few drinks with Lee, my waiter. He's a pretty chill guy. Learned a lot about the city from him and classic movies I'm supposed to have seen. Then I went back to my room and passed out in my comfy hotel bed. Like I said, I rock Vegas hard. ;)

The next day I got a late check out, stuck my bags at the concierge and walked around the hotel til my later flight. I had no idea that the MGM had actual lions in it until then. And baby lions, at that! Baby lions are cute.

It was absolutely gorgeous outside...

So I decided to hang out by the pool til I had to go. I was too lazy to go all the way back and change into a suit. So, I just took off my shirt and laid there, "felon-class" style, in my jean shorts.

It was an excellent, much needed mini vacation.

Then it was back to work on Monday! Only softcore g/g, though. Everyone is still playing it safe. It was for Penthouse and I got to work with the beautiful and charming Brooklyn Lee. Usually, they'll have the girls do a striptease in addition to their scene and that day they were all about period pieces so I ended up doing a 1950's striptease in rollerskates.

They were shooting 3D that day and quite a few girls too so, basically, I watited around for awhile in rollerskates. I actually had a lot of fun! There's like a warehouse at the studio and I just went in loops, Great Skate style, for like an hour. It was awesome and I made a little VIDEO.

This was the set that I did a half hour 3D rollerskating striptease on...

I fell a lot and I really hope they put some sort of fast motion blooper montage at the end of the striptease. I think that'd be hot.

After my striptease, I had to hang around awhile more. At the Penthouse studio, there's always some sort of air conditioning game happening where it gets either really hot or really cold, really fast. It always needs to be turned on or off and there's only one key to do it. So the game is finding out who has the key. Sometimes it's very difficult and the crew are very good at disappearing. This time, I gave up and decided to just go sit in my car for a bit with the heat on and listen to Ben Folds instead of all the hip hop that the girls play.

When I got back inside, they dressed me up for my g/g scene. They were going for a 1920's casino theme but I don't think it really came off that way in the end. They had a hard time finding any period clothing that would fit me. Ultimately, I wore the dress I wore for my Danni solo live chat and I got crotchless panties!!!

Here's Brooklyn standing in so they can test the lights and camera and what not.

The scene is kind of funny because she played a blackjack dealer and I was trying to teach her how to deal while we were taking stills and then I played a stripper who kind of convinces the blackjack dealer to try her profession....I've never stripped and Brooklyn used to. So it was just this funny little mix up. I think it's gonna turn out great. Some nice 3D pussy licking on a blackjack table. In the middle of the scene we "broke" the camera. It just stopped working and said "error". So, while they were fixing it, I snapped this shot of Brooklyn and I. She is so gorgeous.

After Monday, the rest of the week was prety mellow and lazy.

I got my Daniel Tosh tickets in the mail! I'm very excited to see him live. I've been a fan for a long time now.

Then I found this totally awesome Friday's. I was pretty disappointed at how little basketball decor there was but the food was really, really good. I underestimated Friday's.

I hung out in my bathtub and read the Ben Folds Lonely Avenue liner notes, then listened to the whole album while reading the lyrics. It was probably the most delightful non live musical experience I've ever had. Nick Hornby is a brilliant writer and I immediately ordered a few of his books. As well as a Saskia Hamilton book.

I painted my toenails...

I attempted to build my Lego Darth Vader TIE fighter....

But was missing the stickers and two pieces that I needed to finish a wing with. I have to go to the Lego store at some point now. :(

I went to see Mike Birbiglia do live stand up. I saw his tweet about the LA venue change the night before and bought tickets like immediately. He was on my list of comediens to see live and I'm glad I went. He was so funny and it was so awesome to hear new material. An extra little touch was that Maria Bamford opened for him and I LOVE her. She is so funny and adorable and reminds me of my best friend. It was the first comedy show I'd been to since I turned 21 and I DRANK!

And then last night was super fucking absolutely ridiculously amazing! I went to see Minus the Bear and Tim Kasher at the Wiltern. I was originally only going because I love Minus the Bear but then I found out that Tim Kasher was opening and it really became awesome. He was amazing solo and live. I hadn't seen him since I saw Cursive back when I was a high school sophmore. Then he randomly played Driftwood off of the Ugly Organ and I just...there are no words to describe the feeling but, I was just in love with the moment and it was fucking magical. Totally amazing nostalgia x12. He played an amazing set and I picked up his album at the merch table, which is very good.

Minus the Bear was fucking phenomenal, like always! They played a really different set list than when I saw them last and that was great because I got to hear a lot of older songs that I hadn't heard live in a very long time. And they played my favorite new song, Animal Backwards. Wanna know how to instantly start turning me on? Play that song. I get all tingly. Now, I'm gonna be honest here....I had a great spot on the floor on a short balcony. So, I had this wall railing in front of me to kind of lean on. It vibrated in the most awesome way during that song and it felt damn good. ;) The show was so awesome, I drank and danced and watched people get caught smoking weed while I chowed down on my marijuana peppermint bark.

I bought myself a new Minus the Bear shirt....

And then I thought it'd be funny to do this with my passes. If only I could've walked around the Wiltern like that...

A bunch of other totally awesome stuff happened last night that I can't brag about but basically, I had to double check everything this morning to make sure I didn't dream it. I didn't. So awesome.

Today I've just be hanging out, watching the Back to the Future marathon, doing laundry, cleaning and writing this here blog. If you've read this far through, know that I love you very much. ;)

I'll be on VSEX tomorrow evening from 6-10pm PST acting like a dork and letting people fuck me with a machine via remote. So, you know, if you're into that sort of thing...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Being busy is fun...

This past week or so has been FUCKING AWESOME!

I tried VSEX last Thursday. It was tons of fun! I have a really good time talking about myself and showing off. Most everyone was nice and I had a few people go into private to use the machine. I love those fucking machines. Technology is awesome. The only downside is that I had a hard time getting into any other position besides missionary and after a few hours it gets uncomfortable. I've gotta figure out how to work it doggy. I'll be back on Tuesday at 4-8pm PST.

Last Friday I shot a bunch of photosets and stripteases for Danni. It was like a 10 hour day and I didn't get any sex but I had a lot of fun!

The first thing I did was a few promo shots for a game that Penthouse is making. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about this game but my ass looks hot so, it's all good.

After that, while I was changing, Cisco brought me my Danni Girl necklace. I felt really special. Got a little teary eyed even. <3

I forgot to take a picture of my outfit for my first striptease but it's up on already and if you're not a member by now, at least for October, well, you should be because they were awesome enough to make me their girl of the month!

My Up Close and Personal feature is up on Danni, as well...

The second striptease had me wearing this tropical dress in front of a clean white backdrop. I think this set is going to be published next and I'm very excited because I think it's going to turn out fucking adorable. I hope.

And then I got to be a fucking bad ass and dress up like Lara Croft! They told me I could be a video game character and I racked my brain and ransacked my suitcase and the wardrobe room.....and the best we could believably pull off was Lara. Ha! Still though, I felt like a bad ass and it was fun as hell. I was doing jump kicks in heels in front of a green screen. It was really hard so I hope it doesn't turn out looking retarded.

And then of course, because it's October, I dressed up as the devil and yet again, had a little green screen fun!

Before I left the studio, they showed me the final product of when they made me "fly" in front of the green screen the last time I had been there. It looked SO cool! It was in 3D and it looked like I was really flying!

While I was in the editing room, another editor was working on the intro for that Heather Summers directed feature with Lexi Belle and a looks in-fucking-credible. I mean, I only saw the intro but I'm absolutely dying to see it now. You Danni boys are gonna be speechless.

On Saturday, an amazing fan sent me a gift that I love to fucking death! I've never had a piece of jewelry like this before and I am just in awe. Thank you so much! You're amazing!

And then Sunday, the BEST day! I finally got to meet Jenna Haze. I was ridiculously nervous and I think I did this weird lean in to hug her but ultimately stuck my hand out instead. I dunno, I was nervous. She's so pretty and she had no makeup on which just made her even more attractive to me. She has this beautiful, happy glow about her. I've seen a lot of boobs on sets and while they're always wonderful, some are just more special than others. Like, Jenna Haze. We took this picture together and I was like starstruck at the concept that Jenna Haze's tits were now pressed against mine.

I think I held my composure well, though. Either way, I wish she was my girlfriend and I can't wait to hook up with her. She's at the top of my list.

Also, I got to smoke her out. Check that off the bucket list. Sweet.

Finally, the incomparable James Deen shows up and he's there just for me. Not for someone else's ass, but for me and my vagina. And it was glorious. Fucking ridiculously goddamned glorious! He's an amazing kisser and most definitely lives up to the hype of his name. He's been stuck in my head ever since and I think we're in love now.

On Monday I kind of shot a music video for a friend's new band. I got there at like noon, hung around hoping they'd shoot my scene before I had to leave for a casting at 2:30. They didn't so I went to the casting. The beautiful Reena Sky was there and I finally got to meet her in person. She looked so cute in her slutty dress and knee high boots. (It was a rainy day and EVERY girl at the casting had on boots, ha!) I waited for Reena and then she smoked me out in her car. Turns out we both wanted to kiss one another but were both too shy so nothing happened! Haha! At least we know for next time. So, I went back to the music video set and continued to wait to shoot my scene.

They were running way behind and decided it'd be a good idea to go down to Malibu from Hollywood at about 4:45pm to get this shot they absolutely needed. This is essentially suicide in Los Angeles. But the beach was absolutely gorgeous and I had a lot of fun!

Regular iPhone photos:

Plastic Bullet app photos:

But we got done at about 6:30 and started to head back to Hollywood. Again, fucking stupid. So, by the time we got back to set it was 9pm and they were still 2 scenes from filming mine so I ditched. I mean, I told them I couldn't wait any longer and they agreed to cut my scene. It was fun hanging out with my friends but I was tired and cranky and my dogs needed to be let out. We all even decided that the video turned out better without that scene.

The next day I had a bunch of random errands to do like getting my nails done, laundry and going to the bank. I got the newest issue of EGM and tweeted a pic of myself reading my favorite article by Seanbaby while in the bathtub. Well he saw it, retweeted it, and said I was hot. There's a small list of celebrities that I'm a big fan of that I turn into an annoying screaming teeny bopper over and he is on that list. I started reading EGM about 6 years ago after a friend showed me Seanbaby's the Rest of the Crap. I haven't missed an article since that issue. And when EGM went under, my first reaction was how the hell would I go on without Seanbaby every month?! Of course the magic powers of Google were able to point me to Cracked and Seanbaby's own website, but still. And then, like it should be, it all came back and I can continue to laugh hysterically, naked in my bathtub. Thanks, Seanbaby.

Wednesday I had one of those shoots that just makes me love my job. I shot a b/g for Vivid in an awesome warehouse and was in and out of there in 4 hours! Now that's a hard day at work. ;) And I got to wear this comfy shirt and tighty whiteys the whole time.

When I got home, I thought I was looking good so I had a friend take a few pictures of me for twitter but my dogs were way too excited to see me...

Thursday was great fun and highly anticipated. I was shooting my g/g feature and live shows for Danni. They got me Andy San Dimas to work with who was one of my top choices. She is the most amazing kisser....seriously, I could spend the rest of my life only making out with this girl and I would be completely satisfied. We met when we had both just started out and were taking pictures for our agency's website profile. I thought she was so gorgeous and I was very intimidated by her but also excited at the possibility that I might get to work with her someday. Fast forward a year and a half and I run into her at an AIM Healthcare fundraiser.....we were both really drunk and made out most of the night in various places in the bar. And I had to wait til a few days ago to finally get her in bed. It was definitely worth the wait. I hear the live show was amazing and I can't wait to see the feature. It'll certainly rock your world. It's kind of spooky too but I don't think I played scared too well...

Here are some pics from set:

I shot a quick Christmas striptease..

The studio was freezing cold so Andy and I cuddled for warmth...

They had me wear this horrible shower cap for a quick bit where I get out of the shower...

Just waiting around...

About to shoot the intro...

Andy and the Reaper creepin' on my Dr. Pepper...

Because I like to catch up on my tax law before I go to bed...

Andy San Dimas has sexy legs...

My live solo show outfit...

Our g/g live show outfits...

Yesterday I shot a scene for the Japanese. I've shot for them a few times and they always stay in Irvine which is an hour away from where I live. This time there was an absurd amount of traffic and it took me two hours to get there. The Japanese are very nice guys and are always very sweet. They told me that I'm fairly popular in porn in Japan and my DVD sells a lot of copies. I fucking love Japan. They always want me to play cutesy little girl and I love it because I just channel Orihime and I have a blast pretending I'm a Japanese anime character. My job is fun. They were having some electrical difficulties so I took a bunch of pictures before the sex:

And then it took me 3 hours to drive home. I have no idea why there was so much traffic but I was dying of boredom in my car. I totally rubbed one out on the way home.

Today has been delightfully lazy and exciting. I slept in til 1:30pm, wake and baked...

Went tanning...

Drank some pumpkin beer in my bathtub...

Watched the Suns beat the Mavericks at the outdoor pre season game...

And just finished watching Michael McDonald's new stand up special, which was great!

I'm going to answer some more Formspring questions and then go to bed because I have a very exciting day tomorrow.