Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh, geez...

What a fucking week. Omg.

My laptop wouldn't charge anymore and it finally died. Apparently, the pin inside is broken but it's attached to the motherboard so I have to send it out to the manufacturer to get fixed. Because I can't not have a computer, I bought a netbook and one of those USB wifi things. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a piece of shit and I had to buy a real sized laptop. I went to Best Buy like three days in a row.

Wednesday I went to Vegas to work for Brazzers. I love doing this. There's something I enjoy about taking day trips. It's like I get paid to take a mini vacation. I was shooting a bgg with Mariah Madysinn and Johnny Sins for Big Tits In Uniform.We were stewardesses banging our pilot. After I landed in Vegas, I called to be picked up. When I got in the car, James Deen was sitting in the front seat. He is awfully cute. He was going to fuck Mason Moore in the ass that day. I let him take a picture of my tits for his blog. We then circled the airport in search of a blonde with big tits, Mariah. She was an easy find. One of my favorite things about working for Brazzers is their efficiency. As soon as we got in, I got right into makeup, then wardroobe, stills, and paperwork.

We filmed the intro with an extra and the guy was fucking hilarious! He should really join an improv troupe or something.

Porn is fun.

The scene was great! Mariah and Johnny were wonderful. I'm quite fond of the bgg threesome; it's great fun! I had to teach Mariah what a tit 69 is and that's always a good time. ;) My only complaint was that we had to keep as much of our clothes on as possible and it was SO hot and sweaty. Haha!

After our scene we had several hours to kill before our flight left for back home. It's really hot in Las Vegas so I just roamed around the studio naked til it was time to go to the airport. Mason, James, Mariah, and I ended up in a pile for at least an hour. It was quite comfy actually. James kept making out with me. I kept grabbing Mariah's boobs.

When we got to the airport we went to this Mexican restaurant. I wanted alcohol but I hadn't really eaten anything that day. I don't like Mexican food so I asked for some chips and salsa...they don't have that. What? It's a Mexican restaurant! Well, they have them, but they come as like 3 or 4 on a plate as a garnish. It was unnaturally difficult to get this woman to just get me more than 4 chips and a cup of salsa. It was ridiculous and made me hate that woman for being so imcompetent. Anyway, so I bought a double shot of Bailey's at the bar and went next door to Starbucks. Turned out well.

We had a porn pow wow going. Lisa Ann was taking the same flight out so she had joined our group, too. So, we're all sitting there and this guy comes up to James, asks him if he's James Deen and then tells him how so very awesome he thinks he is, shakes his hand and then practically runs away. The crazy thing is that the guy didn't look gay at all, even had his girlfriend with him, but he HAS to be gay to not notice or acknowledge the 4 pairs of very large breasts surrounding James Deen. It was an entertaining encounter.

Before we had left, I grabbed this head wreath thing I thought was cool. (My version of the Doctor's fez.) I forgot I was wearing it when I got to the airport and then just decided, fuck it, it's Vegas, and wore it til we got on the plane and Mason tried it on.

I sat between James and Mason on the plane. I used James as a pillow. He does this weird thing with his hoodie that makes him look like a creeper.

Thursday I shot for Adam and Eve. The title of the DVD, I think, is Petite Young Things, but on all the paperwork they had abbreviated it to PYT, which I just thought was great and had that song stuck in my head all day. On my call sheet, it said "Please do not show up to set with wet hair." I thought I had maybe not completely dried my hair last time or that was just a standard thing to put on the call sheet. So, I REALLY dried my hair, just to be sure. As soon as I got to set, they asked me if I can swim...Um, yeah, I can swim. Good, cuz they're putting me in the pool. Ok. But as soon as I get into makeup, she tells me I'm going to have wet/oily hair the whole time and then ushers me over to the sink. I'm all for swimming and the wet look but I was SO bummed out that I had spent all that time washing and drying my hair just to have oil in it and get it all wet again. I could've slept in like a whole hour! Ah well, I wasn't going to not do it. :( So she oils me up and puts on this waterproof foundation which keeps water off but also keeps water in so, while I felt like I was sweating my ass off, my face didn't have a hint of sweat on was WEIRD! And that oil! It was just like Morrocan oil and olive oil which is really good for your hair but she put a lot in it to keep the wet look intact. It worked but I couldn't get that stuff out of my hair for a couple days.

That was a really good scene, too! They had me swimming in the pool...I tried to do it all sexy like but I'm not very graceful. We'll see how it turns out. It was nice, though, I gave him a bj at the edge of the pool, then we moved to this outdoor couch. It was so hot outside that we were sooo sweaty! It was fun and slippery! Afterwards we jumped right back into the pool and it felt SO amazing!

This is where things take a bad turn... I take a lot of shit from family that doesn't approve of what I do. My immediate parents are pretty ok with it, as much as they can be. But I have other family members that insist on "saving" me and they keep interfering in my life. I don't want to get too into because I've been going back and forth for days now with them and everyone else. And I don't want to share too much about my family here. It's just one of those arguments that keeps going because no one is going to back down but yet, they insist on pressing and trying to convince and bug me about it. So basically, I've been arguing nonstop for like 3 days. There was a kind of intervention and an attempt to send me to a Christian 12 step program, like in that movie "But, I'm A Cheerleader". I hate to say it but, it's all because they're Christian. I understand how their religion makes them think that what I do is inappropriate, but while they're trying to force their beliefs on me, I wouldn't try to convince them out of Christianity. I just want them to leave me alone. I don't need saving. I am a good, happy, law abiding person that is totally comfortable with their lifestyle.

So, yeah, sorry if I was a bit absent from internetland this past weekend. To de-stress from all that nonsense, I decided to take a few days to myself. I went shopping. Bought some new shoes, sunglasses, Star Wars Legos, and a new bong. I love my new bong. I think it looks "sciencey".

Legos are fun, too.

I'm very excited to go to that DVD release party Friday night, I could use a good partyin. Until then, I'm going to smoke a lot of bowls and build a Lego TIE fighter.

I just got booked for a bgg tomorrow. Awesome. The girl is Ella Milano and she is fucking gorgeous! It'll be a good time.



  1. The last pic is very epic, but I like the one of you in a bikini a lot too.

    Sorry about the family strife. I'm a Christian so I understand what they're trying to do, but fighting with you isn't the way to help. I really hope they can just learn to accept you, and be comfortable letting you know they're there if you ever need them.

    Star Wars legos are really cool, i've been wanting to get some but its the kind of thing you think girls will hate; clearly i just know the wring kind of girls!

  2. I have a set of parents (both remarried when I was a kid) that have no clue that I do things like fly cross-country to see pornstars because of their religious beliefs. It sucks that we can't enjoy being who we are around the people we're supposed to be close to.

  3. Haha. You're awesome. I feel you on the family thing. It sucks when religion blindly gets in the way of just loving one another. Stay strong, carry on. And Star Wars Legos rock.

  4. April, I first saw you in an animated GIF posted on a blog. For a while no one seemed to know how THE GIRL was, and it was making its way like wildfire on the 'net. It was the earth-shaking moment in an FTV video where you flashed your phenomenal bOObs in a supermarket -- jaw-dropping, because it seemed very candid and you were so good-looking, and your little figure, and POW :) Those stripes on that top really had a 3D effect too, hehe

    I'm so happy to find out who this amazing girl was..

    Those Brazzers videos are actually pretty well done, that I've seen recently. I used to abhor 'acting' in porn as a superfluous interference (maybe also because of bad acting) a.k.a. 70s style porn. But the Brazzers sketches are actually not bad writing and acting too, ones I've seen, and sometimes a bit of good humor - and it's another nice chance to enjoy the expressions of our stars personalities more. (I mean, I assume the acting 'works' for them when they draw on their (latently) natural expression.) I have enjoyed the occasional humor too.

    And hey April, I love everything you've done so far. I mean, seeing more of you via all the facets of your career (not just this or that, but all of them) and seeing what you're like ... well I like you so much today, and I can say my tomorrows have been so far a nice thought too, for your part in shaping them, Ms April.

  5. sensoryoverload35@gmail.comSeptember 9, 2010 at 10:57 PM

    Hey! Came over from Keni's blog, and I'm glad I did!

    First off, thanks for doing what you do. Honestly, sometimes you're the only beauty in my day. Well, besides the beauty of life that is.

    Secondly, I feel you on the family thing. I have to constantly listen to how I need to go to church and accept God in my life. That's annoying enough, and I can't even comprehend what it would be like if I was in a profession they disapproved of.

    Finally, it's awesome that you saw Scott Pilgrim three times. Did you read the comics? I loved them, it felt like BLOM was spying on me and my friends in Toronto!

  6. Dear April.
    You are such a pretty girl, with so much to offer the world.
    I hope you listen to your family soon before it is too late, before you are 24 and you realize your money is barely making you survive now who will want you even in two years? Will you even want yourself?

    IT is so sad that some one such as your self can lead such a depressing empty life, I wish you could open your eyes to see you will see no life when the hill that is already going down considering you lost all dignity by showing your self with men ( many ) will lead to more empty roads and never enough money.

    You might not believe in God, but as empty as you feel, if you don't get out I can only pray you find a drug to abuse so you find love in something at least.

    Good luck, I am sorry for what ever happened to you in your early life to cause this.

  7. Finding Techy/Sciencey looking bongs is way to dificult, kudos on the find.

  8. Hi April!

    Don't let the Christers get to you. Since you are of Jewish background, wear a Star of David when you perform on camera. That'll show 'em!