Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trying to be a good girl...

Most important thing first: OH MY GOD, I'M GOING TO PLAY DEANNA TROI IN THE STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION PARODY!!! Yes, that needed to be in all caps. I am ridiculously, absurdly, retardedly excited for this. It's pretty much all I can think about. I've been watching the show non stop since I got the news to try to get her accent down....though to be fair, I'm always watching this show. The brilliant minds of Lee Roy Myers, Sam Hain, and their bad ass crew are putting it together. These are the guys that did Sex Files and Tron so, we know it's going to be amazing! We start filming in January, Rocco Reed is Riker, Anthony Rosano is Data, and that's all the inside info I know. I'm VERY curious as to who they'll get to play Dr Crusher. I fully plan to make every effort possible to fuck every main cast member, even if it's not in the script. :)

Two Saturdays ago I went to see Daniel Tosh live. I took the train from downtown to Universal City so that I could get my drink on during the show. And I did. And the show was fucking hilarious! I really enjoy his stand up more than his show. He has a lot more freedom to say offensive things and it is awesome.

After the show, we stopped off at KFC and I got frisky with the Colonel. He's a creeper...

Then the following Tuesday I had an extra part for a Brazzers scene. It ties my scene with Rocco Reed with Tori Black's scene with Keiran Lee. It's a fun little story Brazzers is doing and I think you'll all get a kick out of it. Anyway, since I was just an extra I had to do a lot of waiting around. I mostly sat in this chair on my phone...

But then since it was 71 and sunny out, I decided to go outside...

And I tried to get a tan...

Then we all packed into a car and drove to a studio where I got to ONLY make out with Rocco. Such a tease. After that, we headed to a park so Tori and I could do some dialogue. This was the first time I'd ever met Tori and we talked about anal sex the WHOLE time. She had some great insight and advice for me. She also told me about some girl who stuck a whole apple in her asshole. You should've seen the faces of the boys in the car with us! Tori and I then frolicked in the park and headed back to the house.

Last Thursday I checked out the Naughty Show for the first time. It was actually a lot of fun. Zoe was filling in for Tori Black for a skit on stage.

"Bob Ross" painted a picture of her with a bunch of NBA dicks on her face. Guess which one is Shaq's...

I also saw Taylor Vixen there! Our boobs touched...

On Saturday, I had a shoot for the Japanese at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood. I'd never been there before but gosh is that place pretty!

That mirror that you can see my butt in has a TV in it! What? That's crazy! It also swivels so you can watch it in the living room or in the bed. So awesome.

I went home, showered, changed, and headed back out! I did forget to wear panties, though. I don't like those things anyway...

I went to see Anthony Rosano's band play an acoustic show. It was a blast! My favoritest, Miss Gracie Glam was there and I hadn't seen her in a really long time. We had a lot of drinks. :)

I also got to meet Lily Carter that night. She's a doll!

And she gave me a kiss!

After the show we all went back to Victoria Lawson's adorable apartment and hung out. We made three seperate Taco Bell runs in about an hour and a half. Because we are awesome. And kinda dumb.

My buddy Mo took some awesome drunken pictures of me...


Sunday I got to work with Amber Chase again! This time was particularly awesome because the whole point of it was for her to play with me and get me off. It was soo good! You should be able to watch it at Bellezza soon!

The highlight of Monday was this amazing GI Joe shirt I found at Target...

I think the fitting room attendant thought I was stealing or something because I spent forever in there taking pictures...

Yesterday I shot for Brazzers ' Pornstars Like It Big. I <3 Brazzers.

Their makeup artist was sick so I had to do my own makeup...

I suck at doing my own makeup and Brett, the director, had to put my fake lashes on for me. I think overall we made a pretty good makeup team.

I got to work with Johnny Sins again. I had worked with him once before with another girl for Big Tits In Uniform. This time I got him all to myself! And I called him Captain as much as I possibly could.

And on my way out, I ran into the beautiful Courtney Page. I hadn't seen her since I did that scene for Porn Pros with her. I adored her then, I adore her now!

Tonight, I am going to go see Russell Brand try out some new jokes at a small theater in Hollywood. I saw him for the first time at the same place so I'm excited to see him so intimately again. I think he's a lot funnier when he can interact with the audience.

Tomorrow I'm working for Penthouse!

I've recently been obsessed with this band Die Antwoord. I'm not sure why, but I love it. I don't normally listen to anything like this. I also really want to bang the chick, she is so hot.
This video is weird as fuck, but awesome. It also has a lot of phallic imagery...

So here's something to even it out...

You really want to click HERE to see A LOT more AMAZING photos Brett took on the Brazzers set. And then you want to check out the page after that. Have fun! ;)


  1. you are the best april. love you heaps

  2. My goodness that photoset was off the charts! You have such a cute little butthole. April you are so sexy!

  3. Great video. I'd like to see more fashion options for men that highlight erections in the same way that ladies' fashion accentuates their cleavage.

  4. you're playing Counselor Troi? Swoooooooon.
    Die Antwoord is as catchy as the plague. After hearing "Beat Boy" I was hooked.

  5. April,
    good stuff as always.Happy holidays!

  6. holy s u & tori black frolicking in the park is a great thing to visualize in my dirty mind. Congrats on Trek NG!!!

  7. GI Joes. Awesome. Do you plan on doing anal? And oh yeah... I have the worlds biggest crush on you. :)

  8. I hope Riker in the parody is bearded Riker, that's the only Riker I accept

  9. Remember, to be Troi, you have to say absolutely nothing helpful at all. Sense only the obvious.

  10. You and Johnny Sins really know how to spice things up in the bedroom!!! Damn, he's big!

  11. I see you an Tori talked about anal! Have you done anal on film? If not, is this something you're planning on doing? I'd really like to see that! I'd be even happier to help you with the scene, but I realize fantasies sometimes have to remain just fantasies ;)

  12. Hey there how did you get into porn? i live in the UK and would love to start a career in porn im 21 yr old female and also how much do u get roughly for each scene? xxx

  13. Something about the combination of Star Trek and nudity gives me a massive erection. You are the greatest porn star in the world!

  14. Oh god, don't fuck Wesley, please don't.

  15. You and Tori Look Good Together :) Kudos

  16. First of all, great pictures and videos! I have a question now, and since you seem like such a nice and simple girl, i was hoping you could answer me this: How often do you cum on your porn scenes? I'm very curious about this. I'll be coming here often to check if you answered :). Good luck on everything.

  17. I love your tits and I wanna fuck´ em!

  18. And "creeper" is one of THE most overused FUCKING words of the 21st century. Considering we're not even two decades in.

  19. Actually, I do love you and I want you to wiseabove with me to Seventh-Heaven. How? Follow us...

  20. Actually, I do love you and I want you to wiseabove with me to Seventh-Heaven. How? Follow us...