Friday, December 3, 2010

What happened to November?

I waited WAY too long to write an entry and a whole month has passed. That month has been INSANE. Every single day has been it's own roller coaster and it hasn't stopped yet but I'm adjusting. SO, since there's so much, I'm going to post mostly pictures with little captions. And there are A LOT!!!

I finally get to talk about it! I had to keep it a secret for like a whole month but it came out today!!! The so fucking incredibly awesome Joanna Angel, Misti Dawn, Asphyxia and I were in a music video for a band called The Damned Things!

"The Damned Things is a heavy metal supergroup consisting of Anthrax members Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano, with Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die and Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy." It had Brian Posehn in it, was directed by Brendon Small and shot in the Tim & Eric studio. Can we just take a second here to let our heads explode at the level of awesomeness involved?

I'm only in it for a split second but I don't care because actually being directed by Brendon Small was one of the coolest things I've ever done, EVER. His normal voice sounds like Brendan from Home Movies grew up to be Ofdensen from Metalocalypse. It was mindblowing to just be around him and watch him work. I tried VERY hard to hold my composure but totally lost it at the end, fangirled out, and asked Brendon Small for a picture and an autograh.

He was so nice about it all and gladly signed every single one of my Home Movies DVDs. If you haven't seen this show, you're missing out on one of the best cartoons of all fucking time. Brendon Small is a genius.

Since we were filming in the same studio that Tim & Eric do, they used Mr. Heidecker's chair for the girls to sit in while we getting pretty...

I was so stoked!!! It was like an honor to sit in it.

I shot some g/g softcore stuff for cable TV with Tasha Reign. I didn't get a picture with Tasha but as I was leaving, I saw this gorgeous girl from far away...

I LOVE HEATHER SUMMERS! We're both nerds with rad boobs.

Then I went home, threw on my Nash jersey and watched the Suns game...

I went and did a quick interview for XFANZ. You can see it if you click on this word HERE. Interviews make me nervous.

On my way home, I rear ended a classic 1985 Porsche. My car was fine but his rear engine was fucked. I felt terrible driving away while he had to wait there for a tow truck. I haven't texted while driving since, which is why I've been so behind on twitter replies. Safety first, kids.

I bought six inch stripper heels. I LOVE them. I walked around my apartment all evening just checking shit out from a 5'7" person's point of view. I fell a lot.

For Halloween, a fellow Doctor Who geek and I dressed up as the Doctor and Amy Pond. I bought the wig last minute and was really disappoined that it wasn't the right red. But I think it turned out pretty ok. :)

The next day I had a shoot for Zero Tolerance with Mick Blue. It was a great scene and so nice to work with Mick again after all that time. (He was my first b/g.)

The next morning, when I got up, I walked into the bathroom, slipped on the mat, and as I was grabbing the counter for support, I knocked over my bong, it shattered on the floor and did this to my toe...

I had to get 5 stitches.


It's about 95% better now but it was very difficult to walk for weeks.

I shot a scene for Brazzers' Baby Got Boobs site with Keiran Lee. It's out NOW and it's brilliant. The set up and very last seconds are just hilarious!

Porn does have scripts...but they're full of awesome words like "douchechills"...

Keiran and I took pictures of one another. He's a delight...

He had an app on his phone that made my face look old...



I was remarkably lucky enough to get booked for the Tron parody being shot by Lee Roy Myers and I had an amazing time with it! Nerdgasms every 10 minutes. When I got there, they gave me the wrong wardrobe (it was Diamond Foxx's) but since they couldn't find mine, I kept the bra on for awhile because I thought it was SO AWESOME!

Then we found my outfit and it started out like this...

Then there was a beanie added...

But they didn't like that so, I got a helmet...

Then I went downstairs to set to take pictures but I got there too early so I took some pictures of myself because I'M IN A SUPER AWESOME TRON COSTUME!!!

I found the glasses that Lexi Belle wore for her scene in the movie and tried them on. I wanted to steal them but forgot. :( I look so adorable in them...

We started watching Tron for a bit to "get in the mood"...

Then Anthony Rosano and I banged on this bad ass set! Yay Pr0n!!!

Fleshbot did a little behind the scenes photo feature on it and somehow there's a picture of every single cast member...but me. Nice, Fleshbot.

I shot a scene for Brazzers with Rocco Reed that's going to be in a Brazzers Tori Black movie. I play Tori Black's best friend and I bang her husband. I've never met Tori but we're shooting dialogue soon and I'm excited!

This is Rocco giving me sexy eyes...

And Brett shot a ton of really artsy can see more at the Brazzers forum...

I took a walk downtown to my favorite bar and had some fun with the Hipstamatic app...I hate living here but I LOVE the architecture...

I did a scene with Bill Bailey as my boss. It was fun because I hadn't worked with him before or done a scenario like that.

Desk sex was entertaining. As part of the bit, I walk in on him getting a bj from this pretty girl...

The studio was huge, so of course I explored! This hospital set was supposedly used a lot for Nurse Jackie....

AND THEN...I found a morgue and because I'm weird, I had TONS of morbid fun...

I bought new books.

A bacon cookbook because, well, duh. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy because I have, shamefully, never read it and I'm pretty stoked to. Atlas Shrugged because it's my favorite book of all time and my other copy got destroyed from reading it too much. And a Code Geass manga because I miss reading manga and I haven't seen the anime version yet. I also grabbed the new Sufjan Stevens album and it is brilliant.

For Thanksgiving, I watched the Next Generation marathon on BBCAmerica and got drunk...

And played a lot of video games...

And ate PIE. I love pie. I made a chocolate French silk pie with bacon in the crust and maple whipped cream.... It was delicious!

The next morning I had a POV shoot with Mick Blue. Have I mentioned that I adore Mick? He was shooting a young teen pantyhose movie and so I got pigtails. Ultimately, I ended up looking like a Japanese schoolgirl and it filled me with glee! Daisuki!

And this is what I wore for the scene...that's Mick in the background there...

In the scene, he tore my stockings and fucked me with them on...

Lexi Swallow was on set and up next...we happened to have the same bra on...

I went to Zoe Voss' place and played wih her puppy, Kaya, who is the most bounding puppy ever...she likes to chew on fingers, too...

We drove to the mall with her convertible top down, it was alot of fun actually...

Then we went to Andy San Dimas' place and drank and partied and I played Apples to Apples for the first time...

The next day Zoe and I went to lunch. She kept taking Hipstamatic pictures of everything on the table so I took one of her when she wasn't looking...

We made a little video about how windy and cold it was and how we were sure that we'd fly away...but you can't hear any of that because the wind is too loud...

Zoe is awesome...

A friend took me to this totally awesome comic book store. There was a life sized Terminator, omg...

And a totally hot Princess Leia...

I've been hanging out naked a lot and listening to Chris Hardwick's Nerdist podcasts. It's the first podcast I've ever listened to and I kind of don't want to listen to any others because I don't think they'll be as good.

And that's it. Long story sort of short. That took me forever to write and edit, though. Like 5 hours.

If you're bored and feel like it, it'd be super awesome if you voted for me for ATK Babe of the Year. Better yet, leave a comment because I know that's what they're looking for anyway. ;) But you know, only if you want to, no pressure. <3


  1. Couple of things, dig the fancy dress, though the Matt smith guy looks like a Hybrid of 11th Doctor and Matthew Patel from Scott Pilgrim.

    Also there'll be a christmas special this year, the theme is Christmas Carol, the miserable old guy is the one currently playing Dumbledore (forget his name.)

    And theres a life size Terminator in one of the gift shops in florida, I just can't remember which one (am actually convinced its a disney one though, as opposed to Universal studios)

  2. Hey April awesome blog l love your pics and it's cool having a story behind them now. See you on Twitter hit me up TheHoe22 :)

  3. ¡Eres una mujer muy inteligente y divertida! tu blog me encanta y tus aventuras son lo máximo. Saludos desde Perú.

  4. it sucks work doesnt send me to the west coast anymore. If you're ever in chicago you gota gimmie a shout.

  5. ha i must have missed that "undertaker" video first time around funny & a little you :)congrats's on the music video, don't know how u kept the secret>

  6. That comic book store looks like the Golden Apple on Melrose... I didn't know it was still up and running.

  7. nice to see another update; your butt looks great in that stocking pic!

  8. you had a good and bad month love you heaps

  9. Good to see a hot nerd girl not afraid to show it. You are a very funny girl with some fun shit going on. Keep up the posting and most of all have fun you are hot as shit and can get away with almost anything you want.

  10. I saw The Dammed Things video at the other day before seeing your blog. They need an extended cut with more April and Johanna Angel!

    Regarding your PRON experience, with Anthony Rosano. That dude was my hero back in the day during his stint on Bang Bus.

  11. hey, if you hate living where you live why don't you move?

    only losers live some where they hate.

  12. April is a goddess!
    Please dont change into that "heavy make-up" stereo-typical porn model...Please keep your looks, the way they are...easy on the make-up.
    BTW, do you ever do appearances in LA for fans?

  13. April,
    Glad you had a great month.Its good to party and still have time to work.=p
    Scott Ian (Anthrax)is a good guy met him a few times in my past.
    Tron--Awesome movie...hoping the new one will be great.Been waiting for it.
    Careful where you leave your 'bong' April!
    stay safe,

  14. Christopher MoltisantiDecember 7, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    I heart you, April.

  15. I found a video of you a while back and saved it and thought eh, Ill never see anything else of this girl because she's just too perfect. Well to my surprise I found another video and sure enough, I see, not only camelback mountain, but the PRAYING MONK, I live right off of lincoln and 56th so I couldn't believe this perfect girl not only made more then one video but is from arizona, thank you for capping my 2010 year! Do you update this blogspot or whats the best way to keep updated? Maybe Ill just see you in old town scottsdale or something when ur in town

  16. I saw you in "Legs Up Hose Down" and loved your work. You're strikingly beautiful, and I love that you're all natural (that's a huge turn-on). I've enjoyed your blog, you seem like a really cool chick, and I can't wait to see more of your work!

    ps. Great list of bands on your profile! Check out my music blog sometime, if you have the chance.

  17. keep up the great work girl; sounds like ur having an awesome time !!! and ur getting my vote for the ATK... a pornstar who reads Code Geass is extremely exiting for some reason :D
    x love from Belgium

  18. Awesome post l love your pics.Very pretty pics share,thank you sharing...

  19. Hope your foots better, hi from Melbourne Australia.

  20. Hello :) Call me CJ. I was just curious about your work. You seem to freakin love it! Haha Do you like your job?? Im sorry but I have 1 more question. What are the chances of you getting with a guy you like to be Intimate in bed or serious relationship? Just curious what my chances are haha :)

    If you read this thank you for responding!

  21. Im CJ. I forgot to mention I love that Tree tattoo!! :3

  22. Hey there. Kitty. Waiting for an interracial movie. When are u gonna give a chance to the brothers???

  23. Just curious, do you play Xbox online or nay?

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