Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Clash of Titans and Tectonic Plates

Today is Easter. Easter stopped being fun when I moved out of my parents' house because, really, the only good part about Easter was the basket waiting for you in the morning. Egg hunts were fun, too. My little brother was the worst at it and I used to get so upset with him. He would just walk around, no haste in his egg finding, and would end up with the least amount of eggs. Somehow, though, every year, he would find the eggs with the most money in them. I wasn't a stupid little kid; if given the choice between jellybeans or 5 bucks, I want the money. Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge that it's Easter and I didn't do anything to honor it. :)

I went to go see the Clash of the Titans in 3D. I went to the theater not far from where I live and I had only seen one movie there before and it wasn't in 3D. Every 3D movie I've seen has been at an ArcLight theater. Well, the 3D glasses at this theater SUCKED. They were dirty and had this weird, reflective glare. Eventually I was able to just ignore it but it was annoying. Really, I didn't even need the glasses as most of that movie isn't in 3D. It's mostly all 2D except for maybe the way a rope hangs in front is in 3D. There were some scenes in 3D and I do have to say that what little 3D there was, really helped the movie. I have never seen the original Clash of the Titans so, I knew nothing about this movie going in, except that at some point, someone will shout "Release the Kraken!". (Which ended up having a weak delivery, I thought.) My overall opinion of the movie is very neutral. It was entertaining, but it didn't blow me away like Avatar did. And Avatar was pretty retarded. There were two major good points about Clash of the Titans, in my is that the random "ageless" chick in the movie is SO BEAUTIFUL! Her face is like, perfect! *swoon* The other point being that Hades was played by Ralph Fiennes, who I'm used to watching on FlashForward. I had a wonderful time with this one. You see, I have this tendency to sometimes let my imagination wander when watching TV or movies and if there's an actor who I'm used to seeing as a particular character playing a new character, I think it's funny to think that the two are related somehow. For example, at several points during Clash of the Titans I would think "Hey, Agent Benford, too bad you didn't see THIS coming in your flash forward!" Haha! .....Don't judge me, let me have my fun. :)

After the movie, I walked home, then got online. Well, apparently, there had been an earthquake right about when the Kraken was goin' down. I probably felt it, but thought it was just the sound. It is Dolby, afterall. So, there was a 6.9 in Baja California. I have lived in Los Angeles for 2 years and, as far as I know, there have been 4 earthquakes in that time. I haven't felt a single one. This kind of bums me out. I know earthquakes are scary and dangerous but, come on, how could one not want to feel what it's like to have the earth shake beneath your feet?


  1. Have you ever seen the original 'Clash'? Its pretty awesome in an 80's stop-motion kind of way.

    And the character thing? Do it all the time. Sometimes even just imagine the actor is really there. In 'Dungeon Siege' a completely mediocre movie, Ray Liotta plays an evil wizard and me and a buddy just decided it was really Ray Liotta who had fallen back and time, and amazed people with his "magic" of using a lighter and talking to the spirit world threw his ringtone.

  2. Not seeing the original beforehand probably helped your enjoyment of the new movie. The 1981 Clash was pretty cheesy for its time, but I think in some ways the old-school King Kong style stop-motion animation is actually better than over the top CGI.

    Oh, and a correction for you - the actor in the new Clash is Ralph Fiennes, but it's actually his brother Joseph that stars on Flash Forward. Joseph's probably best known for playing the title role in Shakespeare in Love, Ralph (who pronounces his name "Rayf") plays Voldemort in the later movies of the Harry Potter series. [Sorry, bit of a movie geek here].

  3. It's sad that 3D movies are really only part time 3D these days. They use to be 3D all though th movie. Ahhh, I miss Friday The 13th Pt. 3 when someone sticks a doobie into the camera in full 3D! Did your ears prick up just now April? lol.