Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birthday Fun Times

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! I went to Venice Beach! I'd been to the beach itself only once before when I did a shoot for SoCalGirls, but I went to the boardwalk this time. That was a total freakshow. It was like the Jersey Shore (the boardwalk, not that god awful show) but if it were in Mexico. The only cool part about it was seeing the basketball courts. Venice Beach was my favorite court in NBA Street Homecourt so, it was fun to see it in real life and how accurate they got it. The beach part was the real highlight of the trip down there. The weather was absolutely perfect! So sunny and warm with that breeze every now and then that keeps you from getting just TOO hot. It felt great to just lay out in the sun, listen to the waves, and think.

When I was in NYC last year I bought this huge basketball beach towel at the NBA store and I finally got to use it. It was awesome.

After the beach, I went home and watched the Suns game. Such an amazing win. I love Dragic. He's our preparation for when Steve is done playing. So for now he's just marinating in Nash-ness til we need him. I can't wait to see how he does in the playoffs. I can't wait for the playoffs!

After the game, I went to Wurstkuche for an apple beer and a delicious, hot sausage. Mmmm. I love that place. Then, I went home and watched South Park. South Park knows how much I hate Facebook. I appreciate that. :)

This weekend is Adult Con. I'm pretty excited! I'll be there all three days helping out at the Bad Girls in 3D booth with Taylor Daye. I'm pretty sure there will be a new 3D TV, or several, to watch totally awesome 3D porn on. I watched a short vid with Breanne Benson stripping...oh my god, it looks like she's really there! So, if anyone reading this is going to Adult Con, please come by the booth and say hi!

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  1. =) u r so beautiful , I hope u had a great bday!