Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm going to be on a shower curtain...

I did a shoot today to have my image printed on a shower curtain. I mostly did it so that I could have one for myself. I think it'd be funny to have my shower curtain be me, taking a shower, HA! Except for when my parents visit, of course.

If you want one, they're available here: Shower-X But whoa, not yet...just did the shoot today. :)

It was a wonderful shoot! I had a lot of fun. The photographer mentioned Doctor Who, the lady PA put suds all over me and they had an art director there that had studied anatomy, physiology, and art history. So, he was just there to tell me how to pose. I gotta say, I learned a lot! Instead of just shouting "stick your ass out" this guy explained HOW to stick your ass out and WHY, historically in art, this looks good. It was like an art history yoga class....this guy should run classes....hmmm

Then I went to the grocery store. I came home, made a salad and watched the Celtics/Heat game. KG ELBOWED RICHARSON IN THE FACE! He got ejected, like he should, but those other Heat players better get suspensions for leaving the bench. I want some justice.

Doctor Who, episode 3 is done downloading.......


  1. That is really cool that you get to be on a shower curtain! I'll have to buy one so I can shower with you every night! LOL! :)

  2. fucking awesome. I have some nutty things to stick girls images on, so this bolsters my self esteem!

  3. Damn I'm gonna be wasting a crap load of water!

  4. Hot pics as usual april wow that would be great to see u on a shower curtain while im havin a r great always x

  5. I don't know if I can watch the new season without David Tennant. :-(

  6. I love the third picture - I like them all actually, but I LOVE seeing between your legs... your pussy is so yummy looking, I think i could look at it all day long... it's like artwork to me!! Kisses n licks