Saturday, April 10, 2010

Adult Con 2010

I've decided that I'm going to give a full review of Adult Con tomorrow night, after it's over. I'm just so tired from today and I only got 1 picture. I'll try to make an effort to take more tomorrow but it's so busy there, I barely have any time to even grab my camera. TONS of pictures were taken of me & Taylor, though! So, I'm not too worried about not seeing pictures...just have to wait for people to send me theirs or post them online. :) If you have any, PRETTY PLEASE email them to me at Thanks!

I met some totally awesome people today! Like seriously...awesome!!! I'll tell you about it tommorrow.

Time to watch Doctor Who now and pass the fuck out! <3


  1. Hi april.glad u r havin a great time.u r so cute babes.x

  2. u rock! I love following u on twitter! =) u r so beautiful and a lovely person! xoxo

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