Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm infirm....

Being sick totally sucks.

I had to cancel my shoot on Thursday with Digital Playground. Which also sucks. In this industry, instead of getting sick pay, we pay when we're sick or can't work. It's called a kill fee. Granted, you only have to pay that if you cancel the day of so, it REALLY sucks when you wake up I did.

I've been watching ESPN all day and trying to nap but it's just not working.

So, now I'm watching the Magic @ Celtics game. Boston's totally got this but a few of their fans are wearing BEAT LA shirts...WTF?! I REALLY, REALLY hate them for that. OMG, now they're chanting it. I'm going to bomb the TD Garden.

I thought I'd blog since I'm just sitting here on my couch doing nothing....but I can't think of anything overly exciting to say and I'm really angry at the Celtics fans now.

FYI... I THINK my first boy/girl scene is released on the 17th. It's gonna be real good! I saw the front boxcover and, honestly, I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get the cover AND my name is listed last. Oh well, guess those other names are a lot more well known... I just think they're really underestimating me here.

You should also check out my scene with McKenzee Miles in Girls Will Be Girls 6 from Diabolic Video (If there's behind the scenes footage, I'm sure they put in my falling down the stairs in the middle of the was pretty funny.) and my scene with Eva Angelina in Busty Babysitters from Voyuer Media.

And have a look see at my calendar...I have a TON of gigs coming up.

Now for some totally random pictures...

On set for Digital Playground. I walked into the green room and BAM there was Jesse Jane. Can we say "intimidating"? Haha! She's sooo sweet and adorable! While I was in makeup and she was waiting to start her scene (cuz one was being filmed at the time), she was bored so she started doing crunches! Crunches! I was very impressed. And then, the most delightful thing happened, Gracie was the girl filming the scene! I was so excited to see her, I gave her a huge, tight hug totally not noticing that she had cum all over her. That's how much I love Gracie Glam.

On set for Digital Playground again, after the weekend. I LOVE the dress they had me wear and I can't wait to see that DVD, I'm in it a lot!

It's called When Daddy's Away and it stars the absolutely stunning Riley Steele.

Then I went to Vegas to shoot a girl/girl/girl and a boy/girl for Brazzers. We had kind of a Mad Max Thunderdome theme...

Since I did two scenes, I didn't make my flight home and had to stay the night in Vegas. When I got to the hotel, I thought "I'm in Vegas, I should get dressed up, go downstairs and get something to eat." Well...I got dressed...

But then had this massive wave of tiredness (it was a really long day) and took it all off...

And ordered room service instead...

That's it. I'm all out of pictures.

Just to be clear, I don't really hate Celtics fans...just the ones that were chanting "beat LA"...I DO hate them. :)


  1. Your hair looks REALLY sexy, I love bangs. And that dress...I think i might not be able to hide that fact that I have a crush on you anymore, lol.

  2. hi april those fans wearing the la shirts and chanting la are idiots.go phoenix your're so that are really looking forward to your scenes.they will be fantastic. they are underestimating u are way better then that.u will be on a front cover soon and name at top because you are very talented.jesse jane is sorry you missed out on digital're time will come doubt about it.hope you feel better soon xxx