Sunday, May 16, 2010

My first time around the block...

I don't even know where to begin...

I kept thinking today was Monday and, in doing so, I thought there'd be a lot of traffic in the morning. I left an hour and fifteen minutes before my call time and it took me about 20 minutes to get there. There was no traffic at all!!!

So, I get there and hang out in my car til everyone else gets there. It was just the MUA and 2 other guys, that's it. The office was all dark and closed; it was kind of eerie. I guess it's probably better that there wasn't that many people around for my first time.

Like my big, poofy hair?

Mick was very nice and sweet. The foreigness was kind of cute.

The whole experience was very interesting. His penis was so much bigger than I thought it was gonna be. And he was uncircumsized (I think? Yeah...?), which was a first for me. Didn't really seem to make much of a difference, actually. Maybe less chafing? Anyway, It all felt very, very good and I think I put on a great performance but it seemed like we were fucking for hours! I came SO many times but, apparently, you gotta keep going. It was kind of like those fetish forced orgasms. It feels GREAT but after awhile it's like, "Can we move on now?". I'm assuming I'll get used to this over time. Looking back, though, it took way less time than a typical girl/girl because there isn't a whole 'nother girl to do makeup on and pretty girls with. So, for the money, time and effort I had to exert, I'm liking this whole boy/girl thing.

Snapped a quick post-sex, pre-shower pic...

And, between the sex and shower, my hair got fucked up...but I'm still cute. :)

It's called Busty Housewives 4 and it will be released by Elegant Angel in about a month. I really think it's going to be very good. I hope. It's probably the most real scene I've done. (Next to this.) ***I have this outfit I call my default clothes. If I could wear that outfit every single day, I would. It's so comfy and my boobs almost fall out of it. I love it.*** They let me wear my default clothes and I didn't really have to act, like, at all. I think I might have been too loud, though. I was practically screaming at one point. And I think I squirmed about into some interesting positions...but I don't know...I don't know what it looked like from the camera's angle.

Check out my calendar...I'm a busy girl this week. I'm shooting for Jay Rock tomorrow with Eric Jon. I'm sure he's nice but he's like way older than me and for some reason, it's weirder with a guy than with a lady. Ah well, best get used to it. Seriously though, I'm getting an age cap at 40.

Soooooooooooo.........uhmmmmmm.......I'm keeping my name. Haha! Yeah, I know. I'm so sorry to pull your chain and make you do all that voting. It was felt weird, so very weird when it came down to writing or saying it. I couldn't do it. I wanted to change it because I didn't want to get sued for copyright infringement, but supposedly, they'd have to send a cease and desist letter FIRST so, I could change it before being sued. So, until I get that letter, I'm keeping it. ;)

Also, I just wanted to say to everyone who is worried that I won't be doing girl/girl anymore or as much.....that's not really true, actually. One of the reasons why I moved on to boy/girl was because I wasn't getting enough girl/girl gigs so, if anything, I think maybe I'd get more once my name gets more well known throughout the industry from doing boy/girl. Regardless, I intend for my paysite to be girl/girl only. So, ya got that to look forward to! Maybe by January?

I visited the Holy Land when I was in Phx last...

I share this with you only because I GOT BOX SEATS FOR THE GAME TOMORROW AT THE STAPLES CENTER!!! FUCKIN GO PHOENIX SUNS!!! Another sweep? Our bench has been looking prettyyy, prettyyy good. WOO! I hope Lakers fans don't try to hurt me...


  1. hi so proud of you.u did fantastic like i said you would but most importantly you should be proud of yourself.great pics beautiful as me you are fantastic babe.go phonenix rooting for

  2. so glad your b/g cherry (on film) getting popped was a good experience. i like that phoenix pic. looking forward to an amateur b/g scene with you looking all cute and girl-next-doorish.

  3. Stop confusing me with you name changes, lol! Glad your first time was a good one, and I hope this leads to the opportunities you want.

  4. You know, except for religious reasons, America is pretty much the only place they do circumsission. non of that in Europe.

    I'm from Europe, and I'm glad I haven't had mine cut off. from porn movies I've seen, I think they looks so handicaped.

    anyway, looking forward to seeing the flim! hope you had a great time.

  5. Hey gorgeous, i mean April, sorry, i mean gorgeous.. you know what i mean ;)

    To anaon. above... You're mistaken.. circums are done all around the world. Not everyone does it, but its doen everywhere. I believe it's more hygenic. And more attractive if you ask me.

    Anyway, April.. I'm really happy for your move over to gorl/boy porn.. I always hoped you'd do that.. as that gets me goin a whole lot more.

    I have a question.. The scene you did with Nick, was there anal as well? If not, are you going to consider going in that direction?

    lots of love

  6. OMG you look delicious; instant fan. I'm glad you had a positive experience, be safe!

  7. to D* well, much of the world is Muslim, and they do it. however, in Europe amongst native Europeans, it is not common at all. and hygiene? not a problem at all. to be honest, it gives me the creeps. it has for some reason become an esthetic thing in America.

  8. Oh here we go with an eternal circumcised vs. uncircumcised argument.argue your insecurities elsewhere!

  9. I may be one of the few G/G only fans who couldn't care less if my favorite girls are also doing B/G on camera, I have to say that you're probably wrong about this not taking away from your G/G work. I think now that you've started this whole B/G thing you won't be able to shoot G/G for any time soon. That is a real shame, because even when you were shooting G/G exclusively the content wasn't really extensive. I've always predicted you to be the next big thing in G/G porn, but that somehow didn't happen, so I understand that you've gone B/G to earn more money. I'm just saying, it was a nice run we had with you in the G/G world, but that's pretty much over now.