Sunday, May 30, 2010

From the top.....

I had the best dream I have ever had in my entire life. I haven't smoked any weed in 4 days due to the sick and no weed makes my dreams go crazy. The only bad part was that it was SO lucid that I woke up with all these intense emotions. Since dreams are hard to explain, I'll give the short version. Basically, I had traveled with the Doctor before and he left me for some reason. But then he came back. I swear, if the character of Amy Pond was real, I'd know EXACTLY how she felt...and it is not a good feeling (one of those delightful emotions I woke up with). So, anyway, Tardis shows up in my room. It's bits and pieces after this but we get to having sex and he keeps switching between David Tennant and Matt Smith. Turns out he's not really the Doctor but using a perception filter (which was obviously glitching) to get to me. Unfortunately, my stupid neighbor and his Vietnam war shouting woke me up before I could find out who he REALLY was. So, yeah, essentially I had an extremely lucid dream of sex with the Doctor. I now have the absolute best mental jerk off material.

I did a photoshoot this morning to have new pictures for LA Direct so people can see how sexy I am and book me. I was pretty cranky the whole time because of the sickness. It also took 2 hours longer than it was supposed to. For some crazy ass reason, I was under the impression that I would be the only girl there...or at least maybe one or two others but certainly not 9 girls and 4 guys... plus 2 MUAS, photographer, his PA, homeowner, his 2 friends, their housekeeper and then Derek (my agent) showed up later. It was quite a full house that I was not mentally prepared for. Thank goodness Breanne Benson showed up a little bit after me. I love that girl. She's so sweet and cute. I will fuck her one of these days. I also met Keni Styles. He's Asian AND British! Swoon! If it turns out that he's Japanese, I HAVE to fuck him. Just HAVE to. Probably would even if he's not Japanese. ;) Anyway, I think the pictures are going to turn out really well. The new bangs are really growing on me. Not literally...well, literally...ah, you get the point.

Here are a couple pics I took while waiting for my turn to shoot:

I took a nap like the second I got home. Not a long one but it did the trick.

Then...the game. Fuck that sucked sooooo much. It hurt my purple and orange little heart. I was SO sure that we'd win that game and then 7 would be anyone's game, which I was fine with. But fuck, getting eliminated at home was just awful. Fuckin Kobe. I appreciate that man's talents but he is NOT a team player and basketball is a team sport. Granted, his team kind of sucks and he HAS to carry them but whatever, I want my Suns to win. The worst part of it all, in my opinion at least, is that I sincerely think this might've been Nash's last chance at a title and there's NO ONE that would disagree that he really deserves one. I'm also VERY concerned that we'll lose Amare now. I can't even talk about it anymore...moving on....

Good thing I saved Doctor Who for last. It cheered me up a bit....til the end. I don't want to give anything away but I'm still in shock and awe and I watched it like 4 hours ago. Seriously, OMFG. OMFG!

The last thing I wanted to mention was that sometimes watching Doctor Who makes me very feisty (I'd be great on that show) and as a result, I wrote a post in a thread about me on FreeOnes. It's kind of bitchy, but I'm an honest girl who doesn't really care what anyone thinks of her. Although, I thoroughly enjoy it when people do like me. Anyway, thought I'd post it here, too:

Hello! I'm watching you...

A gajillion million thank yous to all you guys who support me and think I'm pretty. I like you a whole lot. If I could give you all blowjobs, I totally would!

To those who aren't a fan of my work....why are you here? Didn't your momma teach you "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all"? At least give me some constructive criticism. I can't do shit about how pretty or not I am, but I can do things like facials if everyone's such a fan. See how intelligence works? Can't be that hard... Also, just an FYI about myself: I have a ridiculously (and most likely unhealthy) high level of self esteem. Nothing anyone could ever say or do, would make me doubt my awesomeness.

To comment on a few things said here...

I'm actually bisexual, so yeah, I do like the penis. (I like boobies better, though.)

I don't fake any of my scenes. Any of them. I've never NOT cum during a scene. I cum quick, easy and often. Aren't I a lucky lady?

I'm quite disappointed that my Pure18 scene was published before any others because, in case you didn't notice, his penis did not fit in my vagina. Trust me, we tried. I have bones down there that just wouldn't allow it. Voodoo was so so very nice about it all, though. Still....there's no faking there. What little he could fit in, felt DAMN GOOD!

I scream. Get used to it. You've been warned so, turn the volume down. You wouldn't want me to stifle myself whilst orgasming, would you? That's no fun.

Other pornstars may "perform", I have sex like I would if no one was watching me. If that's not what you're looking for as a consumer, don't watch me, because I'm not going to change myself for a stranger.

Facials: I didn't do one til my 6th b/g scene (for Brazzers). And even that only made it to the lower part of my face. Before I started b/g, I had only had sex with 4 guys so, for my sanity, I needed to ease myself into this new venture. I'll probably do it again here and there but not for every scene because, honestly, I don't really like it. It feels degrading which I am not into at all. Mostly though, I really, really hate any sort of liquid near my eyes. I can't even open my eyes in the shower...I have a hand towel nearby to wipe my eyes I'm that retarded about it. I know, I'm super weird.

So, moral of the story is... we all have our own likes and dislikes and we shouldn't be douchebags to those different than our own (unless someone is getting hurt). If you don't like something, find something you do. Don't waste your time and everyone else's complaining about it. Now play nice on a thread about me, please.

I love you guys. I really do. You keep me so very entertained.

<3 April O'Neil

Check out the thread... one person has already responded...and I responded back. ;)

I have a date with my girlfriend, Aiden Ashley, on Tuesday night. I'm WAY stoked because I miss her. We've both been so busy lately, we haven't seen each other in a while. I'm going to take her on a proper and dine her...then fuck her brains out. :D

Sorry I didn't have any naked pictures to post. Next time!


  1. hi april you are so beautiful april 100% thats a really looking forward to your scenes.these people who are nasty to you are idiots.they should respect how talented you are,beautiful and a wonderful person.if they have nothing good to say.they shouldn't say nothing at all.all your fans love u (That includes me).i love your blogs.they are fantastic.i love the pictures as always april.thankyou for the blog update.kisses always xxx

  2. You are awesome and not in that hippie/surfer way but the genuine awe inspiring kind.

    I don't like watching a woman do something on screen that she clearly doesn't enjoy doing. I've been put off many a scene when the female talent is claiming to love the cock in her mouth despite her facial expression looking like she's having her teeth removed without anesthetic.

    A bit of personality isn't a bad thing. As a fan, I have more respect for the women in the business that don't put a price on everything.

    Long may your face stay sperm free!

  3. Having given your scenes a better study then most recently, I'm not sure what there is to complain about concerning your performance. You make the changes needed to fit the character in how you act or move, both during sex and not. Anyone who's paying attention and not just jumping ten minutes into the scene to 'get to the good stuff' could see that, and its something I noted during my recaps.

  4. I just found out today that you have a blog. I just wanted to say that you are incredibly beautiful and wish you the best. The internet haters are always going to hate, so don't even pay them any attention. And watch out for the douchebags who are in the industry. They're not hard to find.

  5. Cool blog you have, interesting to read your posts diversity, curiosity, you have lots of personality :)

  6. Very well articulated post, but I would expect nothing else from you.

    Tough break on the Suns, but I think they are set well for the next season after you know leaves. Sucks for Nash as he is on the down side of things, but make they could win one with him down the line where he is not the mainstay of team but more as a roleplayer.

  7. Whoa. Hey, well I'm half asian and I have a British last name, Bond. I don't have the awesome accent unfortunately.

    I may be a Rockets fan (I'm from Houston) but I totally love the Suns. I was rooting for them all the way to beat the evil Lakers. I think they'll be fine and Nash will have at least one more shot at it. Also, your Pure18 scene was great. I was going to say you seemed genuine but you seemed to touch on that fact in your blog.

  8. I read more of your posts on the Freeones thread and got an idea. For the moneyshot, why don't you make the guy cum during titty fucking?

    It is highly unlikely that cum will get anywhere near your eyes (unless you are working with Peter North, then all bets are off). With that concern removed, you may enjoy it (considering you posted "I LOVE TITTY FUCKING!" in the thread). You could tilt your head down and take some on/in your mouth if you felt comfortable.

    This type of popshot would be an interesting departure from the cliché "jerk-off" finish. A guy having sex with a girl for 30+ min, but only cumming after 2 min of masturbation is odd if you think about it. While it's not my personal fav, there are fans of this the rare titty fuck pop

    This is just a suggestion. Obviously, you need to continue to work with your directors and costars
    to find a solution that works for everyone.

    It is refreshing to see a pornstar speaking honestly with her fans, instead of the standard "I love it" lie. Your unique character in showes your writing and performance. Better luck next year for Nash and your Suns!

  9. You are a joy to watch. Always fascinating when there is a personality to go along with the screaming and moaning. Rawr.

  10. Hi, well first off let me say thank you for deciding to do b/g you're giving such a great gift to the world :D

    However you should definitely look to work with smaller weewees in future. Although your POV scene was nice it was very unfulfilling and a little frustrating not seeing the dick go in properly at all.


  11. I'm a Suns Fan and a fan of you

  12. I remember a video with Tia Tanaka where she wasn't able to fit in some guy, and that was awkward, I don;t even think the guy was fully hard because he didn't have enough blood in his body to get around the thing. Makes me wonder if those cumshots are faked though, because usually the guy is like a one-man bukkake in the finalé.

    I digress, you need to do whatever you're comfortable with, you won't ever make everyone happy, I seldom make anyone.

  13. u look so beautiful!!!! =)

  14. Thank god for girls like you who have a brain and the self-esteem to not do things they think are belittling. I respect that and how much you try to interact with your fans.

    Also, I'm glad you are Aiden are still together. Ya'll are the hottest/coolest girl/girl couple in the biz. Fuck her so good, she tweets about it - twice! ;)

  15. Facials are nasty. I too think they're somewhat degrading and it ruins a pretty face on top of that. I'm all about getting my load swallowed.

    I know a lot of women say it tastes awful, but not if the guy has a healthy lifestyle. A lot of the girls I've been with say I taste somewhat sweet, and I think that's probably due to the fact that I run marathons and eat a good diet with lots of fruit.

    And even if it doesn't taste great, look at it like swallowing is a reward for a good fucking. Women get to cum several times in one session, but us guys are done for a while after we pop. If you genuinely had a good time, then I think its nice (and so hot) to finish the guy off yourself into your mouth (none of that guy jerking off stuff).

    My two cents. If its something you're not cool with I understand. I can tell you do porn because you like it, not because you're trying to get people to like you.