Monday, May 24, 2010

This is going to be a long one.....

Where were we last?

Ah yes, that fateful Monday. I shot my second boy/girl scene for Jay Rock with Eric John. It was supposed to be a quick shoot, from 9 to 3, but I was there til 5. The makeup artist was booked last minute and so she didn't have a curling iron with her. We had to wait for Eric and his wife, Vicki, to show up with one. We finally get to curling and pictures and interview and all through this the talent for the boy/girl scene after mine shows up. While I'm getting ready to shoot video, some crazy conversation happens where they decide to leave because they don't want to shoot outside in the cold. I can't say I blame them, I wouldn't have shot outside either...but I would've been a lot nicer about it. Normally, I wouldn't have cared about something like this...but it delayed MY shoot, which totally sucked. The scene itself was GREAT! I came like 13 times!

Here's a lovely picture of Eric John and I...

Now the bad part... a friend of a friend had a friend who had a box for Game 1 of the Western Conference finals and all I had to do was pay $100 and I was in. What I didn't know was that I had to go at the same time they did to be able to get on that level (I don't know how true this is, it's just what I was told) and since I didn't get cell phone service on set and they went at 4:30 (for a 6pm game?! Weird, I know.) I was unable to go to the game. I cried like the whole drive home. Mostly because I was missing the game, but also because I was helpless to fix it which is a feeling I absolutely hate. And then we lost. It was awful. Just awful.

Tuesday was a boy/girl for the Reality Kings site Pure18 with Voodoo. I had a late call time which was nice but I was there til almost midnight. My agent gave me a call time a half hour earlier than it actually was (something they have done often and it's really fucking annoying), so I was a good 45 minutes early and they weren't ready for me. So, I watched Star Trek for awhile.

Here's me in makeup...

This was one of the possible outfits to wear for the scene...

After all the makeup and dressing, we went to the location house. I LOVE this house. It has the most panoramic, beautiful city view I've ever seen! It's hard to capture a picture of it, though. :(

I got bored and snapped a couple pics...

Do I look 18?

The scene turned out really good, I hope. It was shot as POV which was a lot of fun to do and I'm sure is a lot of fun to watch.

Wednesday was my day off and Game 2 of the WCF. Since I couldn't go to the game again, I decided it was time to buy a bigger TV. I went with a 37" because it fits into my already existing entertainment center and my apartment is so small that a bigger one would've been too overwhelming. Once I move out of this place, I'm getting a 60" 3D TV. =)

While I was in line at Best Buy, I found this...

Oh my god, it's back! I love this magazine so much! Seanbaby is in it still! OMFG! After seeing the cover, I even ran back and grabbed Super Street Fighter IV. I also got Heavy Rain for PS3. I have yet to play any of them. I need more free time. (I also got Mario Galaxy 2 but I haven’t even played the first one yet. I suck.)

Thursday was a shoot for Penthouse with Dane Cross. Penthouse shoots...well at least the ones I've been on...take all day but that's not really a bad thing since I think they're quite efficient and they feed you, a lot!

So, for this shoot they had a caterer and for breakfast, he made eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy and for lunch, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn all from scratch in this house's unbelievable kitchen...

There were 8 burners, a grddle, a grill, one of those revolving toaster things (there's a name but I don't know it), 2 warming drawers, a HUGE fridge and HUGE freezer. There was a full size keg in the fridge. Ha!

Everything is going well…I get my makeup done, my pretty girls, my interview. My scene was the last one of the day to shoot video so, I was just kind of hanging around. And then CBS showed up. They wanted to shoot them shooting a scene for who knows what. Penthouse decided that they needed to have the two Penthouse Pets on set in that scene. So, that switched up a whole bunch of shit in the day’s schedule. Ultimately, the ONLY way to have the day continue smoothly without having to send anyone home or lose a scene was for me to do a girl/girl instead of a boy/girl. So I got to fuck a French girl, who spoke very little English, in a shower. It was magnificent.

Here’s the sweet and beautiful Lou Charmelle:

The Penthouse photographer let me check out some of the pretty girls…

Anyway, because my scene got switched, I got out of there much sooner and I barely, just fuckin barely, made it to the Minus the Bear show. It was phenomenal! SOO good!

That big white circle in the middle is a ginormous disco ball…

Ok…this is SUPER long, I’m exhausted and REALLY want to watch LOST so, I’m just going to finish this tomorrow night after my TWO (a girl/girl/girl and boy/girl in one day!) scenes in Vegas. Weeee!


  1. Thanks for the catch up, we know you've been super busy!!

  2. hi april thanks 4 the update .much appreciated.glad ur scenes r going well.its a shame u missed those least u saw minus the bear.heavy rain and street fighter r great.i have a ps3 too.yes u do look 18 in that pic.very cute xxx

  3. Sorry you missed the game, but great to see you're having fun. I'm sure all your fans will hope for more "mix ups" if they mean you get to fuck women like Lou Charmelle! ;-)

  4. Minus the Bear is so awesome. They are great live. Also, what was the name of the scene with Eric John? Was that the Reality Kings shoot?

  5. Man, you're hot, a gamer, and you like Minus the Bear. You're a geek's dream girl!