Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's that time...

First things first, I've decided on April Paige (woohoo! A decision, finally! lolz)....BUT when I texted my agent this morning to tell him, he said "Hmmm...can we discuss? I'll call you." and has yet to call me. So, I am doing it anyway. It is MY name afterall, I can do with it what I please. =D Thank you guys SO FUCKING MUCH for voting and helping me decide what to go with. I can be so indecisive and it feels good to not worry about it anymore. Eeee! <- That's the noise I make when I get excited...seriously..I do.

Tomorrow's the big day! I'm VERY nervous but it's an excited kind of nervous. I have no idea how this is going to go down and it feels like it did before my first g/g shoot. The guy I was working with was originally Anthony Rosano, whom I've met and talked to, but was changed today to Mick Blue. I'd heard his name plenty of times before but I had to google him to see what he looks like. I was really hoping he wasn't going to be a douchebag but several girls are saying he's a great, amazing guy. So, it can't be that bad, right?

And now some random pictures....

P.S. Doctor Who today was AWESOME! Such a good episode! Dark and fairytale-ish! Also, a lot of people have been asking me if I'll do a Doctor Who XXX parody. No, I wouldn't, my Doctor Who is quite sacred to me. But also, because there's no way in hell the BBC would allow it. They'd squash it just like they did this Dalek porn...which is hilarious, by the way!


  1. Beautiful pics hon, I hope it goes well but i really don't think I was given a fair chance XD

  2. There's always

  3. you're welcome babe will be great doubt about it because you are great anyway xxx

  4. Not sure what episode you're up to over there but ep07 has just been aired over here in UK and superb it is. Matt Smith just keeps getting better and better in the role - he's really nailed everything I like about the Doctor.

    Lots of discussion going on about overall story arc.

  5. Good Luck today!!!
    Wish I could be there....

    lol, seriously though, any chance of some BTS shots for us fans of you in action?


  6. good luck & have fun!

  7. in the movie Fight Club. Brad pitts character ask why did you do it. Edward Nortons character replies i wanted to destroy something beautifull. So is the nature of the porn viewer. Your demise is my disease.